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International Peace Day

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International Peace Day

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Request to participate in “International Peace day”
Held on 21/9/2010 in Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Date: 5/9/2010

To: Dr.Azza El Kholy
Deputy Director
Institute for Peace Studies

Dear Dr. Azza
Hayat Center would have the honor to participate with IPS in the coming event “International Peace day held on 21/9/2010. Who we are?
Hayat center is a full service center specialized in originating the wellbeing and rediscovering your inner peace. Based in your city Alexandria, Hayat center operates through different courses, workshops and sessions that aim for the growth and development of your mind, body and soul's health and nutrition. We strive to create an environment which fosters a sense of peace and healthiness Hayat center provides all types of life coaching. If you're rebuilding your relationship with your soul, Hayat recommends working on some meditation in addition to Pranic Healing courses, Inner smile Meditation trainings, Art courses, six healing sounds, CHI Kung course and Feng Shui course. OR if you are looking for a cure for your body, try our yoga class, dieting sessions, skin and body care courses and dancing classes. As for your mind, an investment in Stress management course, NLP, Hypnosis, parenting sessions, Self confidence workshops, Art of managing emotions training, Life planning courses and others more... Hayat center ensures you receive the utmost quality from our staff.

Our Message
Hayat center is here to guide, educate and assist you through living healthy, discovering your soul and investing in your mind. Suggested Activities in the Event

Mrs/ Marwa Abdel Wahed

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