International Monetary Fund

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International Monetary Fund


Today’s society consists of a crises where there is a need for crisis management, however critics argue there is not enough being done to assist all nations from this organization. There is little attention from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for developing countries trying to work on their financial situation. The IMF is focusing their attention on developed countries with the expensive plans and rescue operations. There is speculation that short term crisis management has too many negatives including it is too costly, responses are not quick enough decisions that are made are often incorrect, and more. There will be much discussion on the debt crisis and the exchange rate.


The International Monetary Fund The is an association of 187 countries, employed to foster global monetary collaboration, secure financial stability, facilitate global trade, encourage high percentages of employment, reach for economic growth between many different nations, and reduce poverty around the world, without discriminating against different countries. Many critics believe this establishment to be positive for the many responsibilities they take care of. For example the International Monetary Fund will provide assistance in areas including giving training and technology to developing countries to help with their own economic structure so they can work on their own eventually. IMF works closely with many different nations and the members included and are involved in the media daily. With all of these positive aspects the IMF seems to do, there is speculation they do not do the best to their ability in helping other nations. For example, they are selective in only having certain nations with a lot of finances in their group, where developing countries are discouraged from joining. Critics argue the IMF does not pay enough attention to countries that are needed help with their finances, but rather they will work on operations...
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