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Vision To enhance the image of Bangladesh as the ultimate ITES destination by branding the country through being in the forefront of IT revolution that has begun in Bangladesh.

Mission Statement

Creating strategic long-term partnership with clients worldwide and in Bangladesh by providing trusted consulting services that foster knowledge sharing and help companies grow through use of cutting-edge IT/ITES processes,

Creating a Hybrid Outsourcing (with both onshore and offshore presence) model that addresses key concerns that are perceived as challenges by many,

Promoting world-class consulting practices in Bangladesh through use of proper methodologies and contributing to the ICT sector growth in Bangladesh by assisting create a better IT workforce.

Assuming appropriate corporate social responsibilities by providing ICT training to general masses

Product We manufacture and export software which are programmed by vendors in US. We specialize in making Customer Relation Management (CRM) solutions and also Software as a Service (SaaS). Our potential vendors include: SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, Microsoft, Amdocs etc.


MARKETING STRATEGY A reasonable strategy for Bangladesh entry into the ITES market includes a number of components: • • • Target segments of the industry where Bangladesh has a comparative advantage, but remain flexible in the search for growth prospects. Improve the deficiencies of the Bangladesh IT industry to make it more competitive. Market the sector well to overcome the unfamiliarity of the market with Bangladesh products. The Philippines provides an example of a coordinated public and private strategy that is beginning to yield some success. While the Philippines appears to be gaining momentum in strengthening its competitive position as a supplier of ITES, the country is still developing this industry and its export potential. Strategic actions that have proved useful include: Action: Results: Liberalize telecommunications industry Lowered costs, enabled IT industry; increased company competitiveness; increased foreign investment Focus on unique competitive advantages Differentiation from other competitor countries Government provides institutional support Open market policies encourage foreign investment; marketing the country as government’s role Public and private sector partnership Aligned objectives and tactics; united message to market the Country

Action: Results: Action: Results:

Action: Results:

While still behind and lesser-known than India, the Philippines offers several possible best practices to Bangladesh with its efforts to formulate, articulate and implement its strategies for becoming a “Supplier Country of Choice”. It seems clear that the Bangladesh IT sector will have to start with the lower end market segments that make best use of their advantage in low cost labor. However, this generalization can hide a wide variety of market efforts from individual firms. The study revealed several Bangladesh firms involved in international markets in software development, graphics, medical transcription, and other areas.


As each firm develops its own comparative advantages, the country’s ITES strategy should be receptive to emerging opportunities. Accordingly, the strategy should not adopt provisions that are specific to a particular market segment. For example, public assistance with training or marketing should not focus on specific areas such as transcriptions or animation. Rather, public support should be forthcoming for any market segment in which a firm can demonstrate a market opportunity. Segment Banglad esh Potential Medium Enabling Factors Limiting Factors

Data Processing

Abundant supply of lower-skilled, production-oriented workers; short training time; Large overseas market with high growth rates

Telecomm infrastructure – low margins require low operating costs; industry moving towards images not paper –...
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