International Marketing Strategy

Topics: Marketing, Strategic management, International trade Pages: 15 (4989 words) Published: May 30, 2013
1. Introduction:2
2. Company profile3
3. International marketing strategy5
3.1 Market saturation5
3.2 Coping with the global Environment:5
3.2.1 Microenvironment6
3.2.2 Macro Environment6
3.3 Market Segmentation7
3.3 Market Positioning7
3.4 Market diversification7
3.5 Economies of scale8
4. Global marketing strategy analysis:9
4.2 Cultural differences10
4.3 Reaching the remoteness11
4.4 Logistic system11
4.5 Proper scrutinizes of the customer demand11
4.6 Distinguished markets:12
4.7 Marketing Mix12
4.7.1 Product13
4.7.2 Price13
4.7.3 Place13
4.7.4 Promotion13
5. International marketing concept:14
5.1 Cultural adaptation14
5.2 Evaluation of the strategies14
6. Recommendation:15
7. Conclusion16

1. Introduction:
An organization wants some international exposures all the time it is involved in business. Thus the international marketing community has emerges. The era of globalization has experienced huge competition. Moreover, achieving the customer insight in faraway places is now getting more emphasized by the businessmen and the marketers simultaneously. According to Catherine (2011) when the business is in need of expansion and it has saturated the domestic market it goes for broader sector namely the international market. Thus the concept of international market has grown. Therefore, the international marketing strategy is somehow situational and more practical. As the product are being closely monitored by the consumers and their communities the quality and strategies followed by the marketers are also distinctive and various in nature. Finding all these scenarios any one can assume the continuous transitions of business conglomerates. As any business enters the international market arena it gets involved in different situations which are distinguished in nature as well as demands more strategic divisions of decisions program and other business program attires (Miller, 2008). In this paper, the Unilever will be focused from the different strategy of the international marketing in different market to achieve the target market in the international business from the two markets comparison. March (2010) argued that, the international organization has different strategy to compete with the competitors in the global market. The carefully chosen strategy, therefore, is a core competitive part in the international marketing of goods and services across the world.

2. Company profile
According to Unilever Website (2012), An Anglo-Dutch Company Unilever is now one of the largest consumer goods organizations among all the subcontinents in the world. Therefore, around 247000 people are employed herein Unilever and count a revenue of around $50000 in 2010. According to Meng (2009), the potentially expert Unilever is thus dominating the big part of the world’s largest producer of consumer goods. It has two counterparts, namely Unilever NV in Rotterdam, Netherlands and Unilever PLC in London, United Kingdom. Both the parts have the same directors and same leadership activeness. Under the worthy leadership both the part work efficiently and fighting against their rival part likes Nestle and Proctor & Gamble. In this competitiveness the world class marketing strategy has given Unilever a competitive edge over the rivals and other aging consumer goods companies across the world (Cyert, 2011). Considering the history we get that Lever Brothers was established in 1885 as soap factory. Initially focusing on a specific product Lever Brothers have focused on the consumer foods later on. Basically they merged with the Margarine Company Unie and then stated business over 40 countries. Some key factors about Unilever

* In 2011 Unilever has a annual turnover of $40 billion
* 147000 people were employed in Unilever through the world in the last year * Everyday Unilever products are chosen by 160 million...
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