International Marketing Strategy

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1. Your Module

2. Contacting Your Tutors

3. What You will Study

4. Your Module Timetable

5. What you will be expected to do

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Your Module

1. Introduction

International marketing reflects the trend of firms selling and distributing products and services in many countries around the world. It is associated with governments reducing trade and investment barriers, firms manufacturing in multiple countries and foreign firms increasingly competing in domestic markets.

Historically, globalisation of markets, caused by the convergence of tastes across borders was thought to result in very large multinational enterprises that could use their advantages in scale economies to introduce world-standardised products successfully.

However John Naisbett, ‘The Global Paradox’ (1994) contradicts this mind-set,

“the bigger and more open the world economy becomes, the more small and middle sized companies will dominate, we have moved from ‘economies of scale’ to ‘diseconomies of scale’ from bigger is better to bigger is inefficient, costly, and wastefully bureaucratic, inflexible and now disastrous. The smaller and speedier players will prevail on a much expanded field”

The task of International Marketing strategy is complex enough when the company operates in one foreign national market. It is much more complex when the company starts operations in several countries. Marketing strategy must adapt to the needs and preferences of customers that have different levels of purchasing power as well as different climates, languages, and cultures. Moreover, patterns of competition and methods of doing business differ between nations and sometimes also within regions of the same nation.

2. Course Aims & Objectives

The aim of the module is to introduce students to analyse the principles and techniques involved in marketing strategically within an international context.

By the end of this module you should be able to:

1 Critically analyse the effects of differing parameters within international markets. 2 Appreciate the various strategies for developing international markets. 3 Demonstrate an understanding of the implementation strategies for success in international markets.

3. Teaching and Learning

This module will consist of 26 x 1 hour lectures, complimented by a series of parallel 2 hour seminar sessions during semester 1 and 2.

Lecture: Each session will explore the appropriate conceptual framework for approaching the main management decisions connected with international marketing strategy. This will be explored via a set of power point slides, copies of which will be issued at the start of each lecture. You will be responsible for ensuring you collect these from the lecture, they will not be emailed to students or posted on a blackboard site. If you are unable to attend a session you must make arrangements for a colleague to collect the notes for you.

Seminar: Each lecture will be supported by a seminar where more informal, interactive work in the form of case studies and group exercises will be adopted. This approach means that you must fully complete any preparatory work and fully engage with the sessions. Participation is the only way you will benefit and learn from the tutorial programme.

Study Groups: You are encouraged to form study groups to support your learning outside of lectures and tutorials. Members of study groups can:

*lend each other books and articles
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