International Marketing Plan Oce South Korea

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International Marketing Plan

Semester 1
Team 2

Table of Content

1. Introduction 3
2. Macro analysis
* Demographical analysis 4
* Economic analysis4
* Social / cultural analysis5
* Technological / ecological analysis5
* Political / legal analysis5
3. Market analysis
* Competitive analysis7
* Distribution analysis7
* Customer analysis 7
* Industry analysis 9
4. Country Selection10
5. Evaluation entry strategy
* Current entry strategy11
* Choice of entry strategy of company11
* Recommended entry strategy 14
* Your entry strategy 16
6. Evaluation marketing strategy
* Marketing objectives17
* Segmentation 18
* Targeting19
* Positioning19
* Marketing mix20
7. Appendix
* Additional information23
* Total Scores25
* Sources27
* Research proposal28


We are students from International Business and Management Studies of the University of Fontys located in Eindhoven.

The team consists of 5 team members, which are:
Tamim Heijnerman – Member
Diana Milena Lopez Moreno – Secretary
Loni vd Wildenberg – Quality Control (Layout)
Ishmael Duncanson – Quality Control (Grammar)
Wang Miao – Chairman

The main objective of this research is to find out which country, Taiwan or South Korea, holds the best opportunities for Océ to export to. In order to reach this objective, we are executing research by performing a macro and meso analysis for both countries to find out which one is the best choice.

Good cooperation and good communication is essential for a research group to operate as expected.

The Country selection has to be finished before the 5th of November. During the first week, from the 19th October to the 22nd of October, like a research plan, a macro analysis and a meso analysis.

Macro analysis
Demographic analysis

There are 576,916 companies in Taiwan, while South Korea has 72,000 companies, which means that Taiwan could have a larger potential market than South Korea.

There are locally 408 large companies in Taiwan that involve the same kind of business, and that are established within the same area. This could be a threat to Océ due to the high concentration of competitors within that area.

Taiwan produces less widely known printers compared to South Korea and FDI are given the national treatment, which gives Océ the opportunity to better compete with the rivals.

Macro analysis
Economic analysis

Taiwan has a dynamic capitalist economy with a gradually decreasing government guidance of investment and foreign trade. In order to keep up with this trend, some large, state-owned banks and industrial firms have been privatized. Exports, led by electronics and machinery, generate about 70% of Taiwan's GDP growth, and have provided the primary inputs for economic development. On the other hand, South Korea is currently among world’s twenty largest economies, which will guarantee a market that has sufficient funds to purchase the printers. Since South Korea is one of the few countries in Asia that belongs to the developed countries in the world, it can provide potential clients for our product.

Taiwan is experiencing an ongoing positive growth rate. In a 2010 estimate the GDP of Taiwan is worth US$ 426.984 billion. However, the GDP in South Korea has been experiencing a positive growth as well, and was worth an estimated US$ 986.256 billion in 2010. This makes South Korea more opportunistic because of the possibility that their purchasing power is higher.

Due to the fact that there are plenty of B2B opportunities in Taiwan and people looking and wanting the use, help and activities of our product. The market is about USD 2 Billions annually, and is shrinking 1-3 % per year.

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