International Marketing Plan

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Submitted to – Prof. Tulsi Dharel
Submitted to – Prof. Tulsi Dharel

MKTG 732 International Marketing & Trade Term Project: International Marketing Plan MKTG 732 International Marketing & Trade Term Project: International Marketing Plan Ashish shukla
Umar farooq Mohammad
Bhumika Vyas
Muhammad Qamar Adeel
Saim Ghaus

Ashish shukla
Umar farooq Mohammad
Bhumika Vyas
Muhammad Qamar Adeel
Saim Ghaus

Magna International
Magna International Company targets income and growth through long standing partnerships and potential investments. Magna conducts its business through integration, ethical values and commitment and is one of the most automotive suppliers in the world. It is one of the largest automobile manufacturer in North America and one of the largest companies in Canada. Magna operates with 294 manufacturing divisions and 87 product development and engineering centers in 26 countries within in Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and South America. The company supplies parts to some of the largest and successful automakers in the world such as Volkswagen, BMW, Ford, GM and Chrysler. Magna International will enjoy huge profits if they start doing business in Middle East countries as there is great demand for automobile and their parts in these countries. The company has a very little debt which plays an advantage during hard economic times and this makes the company in a good position to expand their in other countries such as UAE. The main headquarter is in Aurora, Canada. Magna International breaks down their revenue into 3 geographic regions 1) America (49% in 2010)

2) Europe (35.7% in 2010)
3) Rest of the World (5.2% in 2010)
SWOT Analysis of Magna International.
1. Decentralized operating structure which allows Magna to be more responsive to consumer needs and allows changes in the global automotive industry. 2. Magna offers full range of products such as fuel system, body system, window systems, door modules and many more. 3. They have strong financial results in a low credit risk for outside investment. 4. They use effective communication to expand their business. 5. They have loyal customers and long standing partnerships to the successful and largest automakers companies including GM, Ford, Volkswagen and Toyota. 6. They focus on innovation so that they remain competitive with other competitors such as Dana Holding Corporation (DAN), Borg Warner (BWA) and Lear Corporation (LEA). Weakness:

1. Heavy start costs to new plant and program initiatives.
2. Impairment charges which are related to long -lived assets, goodwill and future tax assets has occurred in most recent years. Opportunities:
1. They are going beyond products related towards light spaced vehicle which will be more beneficial for the people and the environment. 2. They are seeking opportunities in the fuel efficient products and commercial trucks. 3. E-Car systems of Magna which involves the engineering, development and integration of electric vehicle which can be of any type. Threats:

1. The global automotive industry is cyclical and can be sensitive to economic and political. 2. The obligation to repair or replace parts under warranty could affect future profitability. Therefore the company will use its strengths and capture the opportunities in order to get into the market of U.A.E. which is highly lucrative. The Swot analysis discussed above will provide an edge for the Magna International Company to expand their business in this country and get a solid foundation in the starting years. Another point is that there is great demand for the automobiles in U.A.E and therefore, they will be more demand for auto parts. As long as the automobile industry continue to grow and become more complex, the automobile parts suppliers will be in great demand and therefore this The Magna International will enjoy...
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