International Marketing (Mktg 4113)

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Spring, 2013

Sarath A. Nonis

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Course Objective

The international marketing course is designed to provide students with (a) familiarity with the problems and perspectives of marketing across national boundaries and within foreign countries; (b) insights into environmental perspectives of doing business outside the home country; (c) analytical ability to make marketing decisions facing all firms (exporters, licensor/licensee, joint venture firms, firms with overseas subsidiaries) engaged in business outside the U.S.; and (d) knowledge of tools and practices for structuring and controlling marketing programs related to overseas business.

Specific Pedagogical Objectives

1. Gain perspectives of global marketing; how is it different from domestic marketing? 2. Theoretical foundations of international/global trade 3. Develop an understanding of international organizations and agreements and how they affect trade and global marketing decisions. 4. Develop skills in analyzing economic and non-economic (i.e., political, legal, cultural etc.) factors for identifying, evaluating, and approaching foreign marketing opportunities. 5. Become familiar with alternative schemes for segmenting the global market. 6. Develop skills in formulating product, price, distributions, and promotion strategies in the context of business outside the U.S. For example: a) Product: opportunity and need for product adaptation; b) Price: uniform pricing worldwide vs. differentiated price; c) Distribution: differences in overseas distribution arrangements, and choice and appointment of middlemen, and; d) Promotion: transfer of U.S. advertising copy overseas and media selection.

As always, one will get as much out of this course as one puts in; so your active involvement in the course is essential for most positive experience. Please note that your instructors’ role is to facilitate learning; real learning will require a joint effort by all in the class by applying and extending the ideas introduced through the course material and class interaction.

Text Book

International Marketing by Philip R. Cateora, Mary C. Gilly, & John L. Graham. 15th Edition. McGraw-Hill/Irwin publishing

Course Format
The course will consist of lecture, discussion, assignments, guest speakers, and case analyses. Class time will be used to supplement the text book material with discussion of current events. You are expected to come to class fully prepared by reading the assigned chapter material for the day before class. You are expected to participate during the lecture. Participation grade will take into account not only the quality of your comments but also your preparation. The course will encourage active involvement of each and every student. Given the format of the course, class attendance is mandatory. Please be on time for all classes. Late arrivals distract the class and send a poor signal to all.

Recommended Outside Reading

The Economist, Businessweek, Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, Business Horizons, Financial Times, and other periodicals with international content. I will also be assigning articles from some of these sources for you to summarize for submission and for in class discussion.

Some "Do"s and "Don't"s

DO:*Attend classes regularly and take class notes diligently *Submit assignments on time
*Participate enthusiastically in class discussions *Ask questions when you do not understand *Work hard and earn a good grade

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