International Marketing Mba Final Exam

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|Final exam : | |International marketing MBA 2012 | | | |Student name : Sameh ahmed Salem Mohamed | | | |Dr. Ayman Shawky | |2/8/2012 | | |

First Question:
Disneyland Paris was one of Disneyland's Global projects. Please discuss its advantages and disadvantages, and from reading and understanding the case suggest what was/were the mistake/s that Disney committed from the beginning till now.


Disneyland Paris which was called euro Disneyland in early 1990,s is the case typically shows that the essential to study and accept the differing values of different nations. Marketers need to undertake extensive planning to avoid situations that may result in conflict or misunderstandings.

Advantage and disadvantage:

From my reading the case, I did not recognize any advantages or I would say, not that important to be highlighted but I can name a lot of disadvantages in this case This includes the economy, laws, culture, climate, interests, customs, life-style habits, and geography, work habits, just to name a few as following.

1- They way Europeans took holidays, bought souvenirs, took transport and ate, all affected Euro Disney’s performance as what was implemented was wrongly assumed and therefore resulted in bad turn outs, because Europeans would rather continue doing what they were used to.

2- Facing also needed to be considered more carefully to avoid miss-spending on the wrong items (such as store merchandise and vehicles) instead of the items best suited to that area (alcohol and better quality meals).

3- Despite Disney adopting some European attractions at Euro Disney, they were wrong to assume that Europeans wanted American things, resulting in the Europeans feeling that the American management system was bold and insensitive. .

4- Disney did not understand the differences in the United States compared to European Labor Laws. This resulted in a waste of funding because labor costs in Europe were significantly higher than in the United States.

5- Another thing that I have seen is that Europeans felt that the real experience of traveling to the United States where there was warmer and more attractions would be a better idea. This was also achievable because their currency bought more. This shows us that perhaps Europeans would have preferred to see the “real” American Disneyland, compared to a modified, smaller version, which was brought to them.

Mistakes to be avoided:

1- it is essential to be sensitive and considerate of the Europeans needs 2- Cultural differences need to be addressed and not just assume that the foreign country will adopt domestic views. 3- Laws also need to be complied with, what applied in foreign country 4- Purchase power parity should adapt to suit the foreigner’ ability to purchase 5- Location is something not easy to change but they can rely on another attractive way like yearly pass, so the visitor could go in trip at any time during the year. Evidently, it is also important that these differences...
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