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International marketing is the application of marketing principles to more than one country. The intersection is the result of the process of internationalization. Many American and European authors see international marketing as a simple extension of exporting, whereby the marketing mix is simply adapted in some way to take into account differences in consumers and segments. It then follows that global marketing takes a more standardized approach to world markets and focuses upon sameness, in other words the similarities in consumers and segments. “International market goes beyond export marketer and become more involved in marketing environment in countries in which it is doing business.” “International marketing is performance of business activities that direct the flow of company’s goods and services to consumers or users in more than nation for a profit.” International marketing or global marketing refers to marketing carried out by companies overseas or across national borderlines. The two major factors that influence marketing research in the international scenario are the cross culture communications tasks and the diversify of international markets. B_E_E is a domestic company. It is an existing company in New Zealand market. Which makes cleaning products like laundry liquid, laundry powder, multi-surface cleaner, dish wash liquid and so many other cleaning products for different uses? Company products are fragrant with essential oils and they use cleaning agents made from natural ingredients like coconut and sugar. Products are easy to use and not harmful for users exclude all the harmful chemicals and fully tested to be gentle on skin. B_E_E uses the latest eco-technology to deliver products with superior performance.

The company is from New Zealand, and their love is not only for simplicity, but for nature and environment as well. For that, they keep the dangerous chemicals out of the ingredients, exchanging them for natural oils, such as orange or palm oils, to name a few. Its environment friendly, its skin friendly, and its user friendly. We believe being green doesn't mean you have to compromise on beauty and performance. So everything we do is designed for pleasure, function and the environment. Existing market

Existing markets are those in which customer needs are already being served by one or more companies. In such markets past trends may be available and the data collection will mainly surround: marker size, company’s competitiveness in term of product appeal, price, distribution and promotion Potential: potential markets are not existing markets and therefore the past trend of a product is not available, it is created. Potential market has two types of markets: 1. Latent market

It is hidden market where group of people are there and products are not in the market but demand is in the market.
2. Incipient market
It is the market which is created by the continuance of certain elements in the environment.  1. How would you begin to assess potential international markets that are best for B_E_E? Do a preliminary search of potential international markets and create a list. Make sure you consider potential groupings in terms of trade, incentives, economy, geography, culture and politics. Ans:

The whole global market is covered by four main international markets like: Asian markets, European markets, South American market and North American market. The 77% market is covered by these markets. The major markets in Asia: India, China, Japan, Hong Kong and Korea etc. The major markets in Europe like: France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Russia and Austria etc. The major markets in North America like: Canada, Mexico, and United state. 1. INDIA

Indian market is one of the well growing markets on the...
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