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1. Product Presentation3
2. SWOT analysis4
3. Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning5
4. Attractiveness of the product – 4Ps perspective8
5. References13

1. Product Presentation
Mineral water Perenna Premier, produced exclusively in Romania, was recognized at international level among the purest mineral waters, as the daily newspaper “Financiarul” reports, citing information provided by the World Water Organization. According to the ranking made by the World Water Organization, Perenna Premier ranks second, after the famous Evian mineral water. Perrena Premier is definitely set to go global as its international distribution channel has sharply increased in only 5 years from the startup. The impressive timeline of Perenna`s achievements can constitute an example for other Romanian brands. In 2007, Teodor Craciun Tuducan, the man behind the Perenna Premier brand, built a mineral water bottling factory in Dealul Moghila, Caras Severin county, where he invested six million Euro. Before exploring this spring, Tuducan tested over 20 different locations but, according to him, none could even compare to Dealul Moghila’s Calina spring. This spring goes through layers of calcareous rocks, filtered through layers of crystalline schists of 200-300 metres, prompting an extraordinary microbiological purity and a good balance of the minerals that are normally contained by water. In 2008, at the specialized competition organized in Berkley Springs (USA), Perenna Premier entered the world's top 10 out of 250 participants. Likewise, the Institute SGC Fresenius, Germany branded Perenna-Premier as being mineral water with pure origin. The international recognition of the quality of the mineral water Perenna Premier proves the value of the water that springs from Dognecei Mountains, Caras-Severincounty (south-western Romania). In 2009 and 2010, Perenna won two stars in the Michelin Guide by the International Taste & Quality Institute. The difference between the leader Evian and Perenna Premier is of only 3.9 percent (identical in a ratio of 96.1 percent), reads the web site To establish the resemblances between the two waters, taken into account were 11 components from acidity to mineral elements such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and nitrates. From that moment, due to its purity, the locals have informally named it the Carpathian Evian. As a matter of fact, in 2010 Perenna had a market share of 1.12 per cent or five million bottles sold. “While Evian water bottles are sold with almost two Euro, Perenna is selling a bottle with 0.5 Euro - although Perenna has 95 per cent of Evian’s composition” proudly states Tuducan. 2. SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis is a classical tool, but its ability to perform an external and internal assessment should not be under estimated. As for international marketing, especially for a recently introduced product in the global marketplace like Perenna, such an analysis being conducted in an appropriate manner could trigger attention to different areas of interest that might impact the marketing strategy. * Strengths

- The excellent quality of the water certified by a series of awards - The bottling manufacturing process is standardized and cost-effective - Contract with a British marketing agency ARLL for driving market share and penetrating foreign markets - Diversified promotion strategy (magazines, endorsers, websites) - The extraction process is cost-effective and ensures high quality procedures * Weaknesses

- Production cannot be done at its maximum level: The spring releases 72 million litres per year, but the factory is able to exploit just ten per cent of this potential. - Low-involvement product, therefore difficult to establish brand loyalty. * Opportunities

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