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Topics: Marketing, Case study, Strategic management Pages: 6 (1923 words) Published: November 21, 2012
In this assignment, I will response to the ten discussion question regarding with the prescribed short cases studies from text book.

In the first case studies is the cat that conquered the world: Hello Kitty and the spread of Nippon culture and the question is to explain the appeal of characters like Hello Kitty to younger consumers in both Asia and the western economies, taking note of cultural and group influences. The appeal of characters like Hello Kitty and other characters in the Asia and western are much broader as witnessed by the merchandise for sales. For example, the product of Hello Kitty merchandise for sale throughout Asia even western like Hello Kitty watches, notebook, clothing, stationery, house wares, toilet paper, phone cards and video games with licenses approximately five hundred companies to make Sanrio approved them. It is provide extremely lucrative prepubescent market between across countries due to the character have no discernible cultural features, it reflect they can cross country and cultural boundaries with limited cultural baggage. The image of these characters such as Hello Kitty, Pokemon and kickboxing Power Puff Girls which make younger girls and boys in different countries would like to protect and affection them because these characters look like helpless. Therefore, it is easily to entry younger consumer market. These characters can derived another Japan cultural that influences other countries. Kawaii is a term in Japan that mean cute and figuratively means things that are desire to fulfill one’s life. The core values of Kawaii which have spread far beyond its original members and extended beyond Japan throughout Asia. Also, Asian consumers are increasingly becoming more comfortable with Japan’s values and lifestyle with its focus on family ties, respect for elders and the emotion of personal relationship.

The question in case two is discuss the challenges facing a low fares airline. Although low fares airline use the pricing advantage by low and flexible cost structure to win market share. Almost passengers expected poor and very poor service quality in their responses who were interviewed from a low-fare airline. Moreover, full-service passengers expected worse service quality if they were flying with low fare airlines as they think the price as the key indicator form quality expectation or their previous experience of the airline. It may not attract require full-service passengers and other challenges may outflow the segment of exist passengers in low fare airline if failure to meet their minimum service level will cause substantial dissatisfaction regardless the price to them. In addition, labour is cheaper than in traditional airlines and cabin crew undertake non-core duties that will increase employees’ work burden that lead to knock the employees’ morel and employee turnover will increased. So it is necessary to have good management team and staff to reduce the impact of these challenges. Also the low fare may need to face no deregulation in US that can not expand their route network on that place. The high cost of fuel is perhaps the most obvious issue facing low fares airlines today, with many imposing fuel surcharges on customers. Fuel is an especially critical component for low fares carriers.

The third case question is analysis the competitive position facing HP/Compaq. According to the case that there are several places relate competitive position of HP/Compaq. In the structural position, HP and Compaq merged in May 2002. This decision cause increase HP’s exposure to the PC market and improve economies of scale of PC business. Also, the market share structure is IBM which is the leader in enterprise system that mean possess wide spread market share even middle and small companies’ demand is growing as the performance of low-end products gets better and better. Therefore the server market which has become very competitive. In addition, a...
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