International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering

Topics: Software development process, Software engineering, Waterfall model Pages: 17 (2633 words) Published: January 14, 2013
Volume 2, Issue 5, May 2012

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International Journal of Advanced Research in
Computer Science and Software Engineering
Research Paper
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A Comparative Analysis of Different types of Models in
Software Development Life Cycle
Ms. Shikha maheshwari1
Research Scholar in Dept.of C.S.E.
S .V.I.T.S, Indore(M.P)
s hikhamaheshwari0906@g m

Prof.Dinesh Ch. Jain2
Reader, S.V.I.T.S,Indore
d m

Abstract- In the present scenario all software systems are imperfect because they cannot be built with mathematical or physical certainty, Hence in this research paper the comparison of various software development model s has been carried out. According SDLC each and every model have the advantage and drawbacks so in this research we have to calculate the performance of each model on behalf of some important features. The concept of system lifecycle models came i nto exis tence that emphasized on the need to follow some structured approach towards building new or improved system. Many models were suggested like waterfall, Iterative model, prototype model, spiral model etc.

Keywords- S oftware Development Process, S DLC, phase of S DLC models, Comparative analysis of model, four models .



A software development process, also known as a
s oftware development life cycle (SDLC), is a structure
imposed on the development of a software product. It is
o ften considered as a subset of system development life
cycle. There are several models for such processes, each
d escribing approaches to a v ariety of activities that take p lace during the process.
Software Engineering (SE) is the application of a
s ystematic, discipl ined, quantifiable approach to the
d evelopment, operation, and maintenance of software,
and the study of these approaches; that is, the application
o f engineering to software because it integrates significant mathematics, co mputer science and practices whose
o rigins are in Eng ineering. Various processes and
methodologies have been developed over the last few
d ecades to imp rove software quality, with varying degrees
o f success. However, it is widely agreed that no single
approach that will prevent project ov erruns and failures in all cases. Software pro jects that are large, co mplicated,
p oorly -specified, and involve unfamiliar aspects, are still p articularly vulnerable to large, unanticipated problems.
A s oftware development process is a structure imposed on
the development of a software product. There are several
models for such processes, each describing approaches to
a v ariety of tasks or activities that take place during the p rocess. It aims to be the standard that defines all the
tasks required for develo ping and maintaining software.
Software Engineering processes are composed of many
activities, notably the follo wing:
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 Requirements Analysis ,
 Specification
 Software architecture
 I mplementation
 Testing
 Documentation
 Train ing and Support
 M aintenance
Software d evelopment teams, taking into account its goals
and the scale of a particular project, and have a n umber of well-established software development models to choose
fro m. Therefore, even though there are number o f models
each software Develop ment Co mpany a dopts the best suited model, which facilitates the software d evelopment p rocess and boosts the productivity of its team members.
There are four types of M odel are:
1 W aterfall
2 Iterative
3 . Prototype
4 . Sp iral .
Problem solving in software consists of these activities:
 Understanding the problem
 Decid ing a plan for a solution
 Coding the planned solution
 Testing the actual program
For large systems, each activity can be ext remely
complex and methodologies and procedures are needed to
p erform it efficiently and correctly. Furthermore, each...
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