International Involvement

Topics: Spanish–American War, United States, President of the United States Pages: 3 (908 words) Published: November 30, 2010
International Involvement
Several significant events took place from 1890-1905 that involved the United States, particularly the United States becoming more involved in international affairs. The United States has been a major player in world affairs over the last two centuries. In the years following its War of Independence, its policies tended to be isolationist, but over the centuries it has transformed, mainly by trade and economic imperatives, into a superpower that exerts military, economic and cultural domination over much of the rest of the world. This paper will outline two major events occurring from 1890-1905. Treaty of Paris 1898

The first meeting for the Treaty of Paris occurred on October 1, 1898 when officials from Spain and the United States congregated in Paris, France. The intent of the meeting was to generate an agreement, or treaty that would put an end to a war, also known as the Spanish American War. The American officials present at the meeting were the Honorable Whitelaw Reid, Senators George Gray, William Frye and William Day (Library of Congress, 2010). The outcome of the meeting resulted in Spain receiving 20 million dollars from the United States in exchange for possession of the Philippines. Along with the Philippines being placed under American control, the United States also gained power over Guam and Puerto Rico. The meetings took place over a nine day period and the Treaty of Paris was finalized and signed on December 10, 1898 (Library of Congress, 2010). Venezuelan Boundary Dispute 1895-1899

Although most may relate the Venezuelan Boundary Dispute to December 17, 1895, when the United States president at the time Grover Cleveland submitted a letter to Congress practically declaring war on Venezuela, the Dispute essentially initiated in 1841 when Venezuelan officials claimed British military was approaching Venezuelan land with intention of taking possession. The main reason for this was in 1814 Great Britain gained control...
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