International Human Resource Management CSE Study on Cloud Hotels

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  • Published : February 26, 2013
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* Currently Clouds Hotels Owns more than 60 hotels throughout the UK. * Clouds hotels acquired a few hotels in Spain; they will rebrand half and sell half. * Company with Ethnocentric Approach for managing hotels abroad. * Targeted Customers and clear vision of their business approach. KEY ISSUES

* No experience in business abroad.
* Recruitment Selection needed.
* Acknowledge of a Training Plan development.
* Current UK managers not enough trained (language and culture). * Salary Levels Setting Issue.
* No existing Compensation and Incentives Program.
* No existing process of selection for promotions or international assignments. * Resources to be really competent and up to speed are needed.

EMPLOY THE SUITABLE AND QUALIFIED MANAGERS TO SET UP SUCESFULLY THE HOTELS ABROAD. Short Term Objective – PCNs employees to set up the business abroad, vision mission and company values. Long Term Objective – HCNs employees.

Our decision matrix on the final choice of candidate considered key strategic HR issues for the Cloud Hotels Chain. This included strategic recruitment, employee motivation and leadership. In looking at strategic recruitment, this seeks to ensure the right person is selected to fill the job according to the organizational needs. Cloud Hotels identified the need for suitable managers to oversee operations in Spain. This included the transition of an acquired hotel chain to the Cloud Hotel chain. In terms of the HR implications of this transition, a capable individual who possesses sufficient knowledge of the history, mission and vision of the company would be critical to impart knowledge to the new employees. Additionally, as culture is an important part of any organization, this individual also needs to be familiar with the culture of Cloud Hotels and possess the capability to promote this in a different environment and to employees of a previous hotel. Employee motivation explores the opportunities for using the right mix of incentives to motivate and engage the selected employee, so that they can focus on improving their performance and simultaneously to ensure that we are able to retain the best employees. Cloud Hotels has indicated a preference for adequate financial compensation to motivate their employees, however, we believe for an international assignment of this nature, the individual should also possess a high level of intrinsic motivation that will be particularly useful for the challenges that will inevitably arise. As this management position presents a combination of a hotel acquisition and a new cultural environment, highly motivated employees are critical contributors to the success of the venture. Leadership considerations were factored in to ensure the appointment of the right head to provide the necessary leadership and guidance. For the new Cloud Hotels in Spain to operate effectively during the transition period, a strong leader is critical to keep employee morale and motivation high during the initial formative period of the hotel startup. Additionally, other HR factors at the leadership level include managing the talent at the Spanish locations of Cloud Hotels would be a critical aspect of this role that the manager would also need to fulfill.

CAPABILITIES| Selected for their perceived ability to perform well on our evaluation points of recruitment, motivation and leadership. This individual has been employed with Cloud Hotels for 10 years which shows sufficient knowledge of the company over this time. | Selected for their possession of 9 years of experience with the company, which demonstrates an understanding of the business and the culture of the company.| | Suitable period of time in their management role|

| Capability in managing people.|
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