International Human Resource Management

Topics: Culture, Management, Cross-cultural communication Pages: 19 (5195 words) Published: December 7, 2010
Guide To International Human Resource Management By Santosh Bagwe +91 99676 42282

• Introduction to International HRM       • Definition Difference between IHRM and Domestic HRM Difference between Domestic and International Managers Type of International Employees Issues in IHRM Barriers to Effective Global HRM

Understanding Culture       Elements of Culture Factors encouraging convergence of Cultures Factors encouraging change of culture Determinants of Culture Importance of cultural sensitivity for global business and diplomacy Impact of culture on management approaches

Cross Culture Business Communication and Behaviour      Deal Focus VS Relationship Focus Formal VS Informal Rigid Time VS Fluid Time Expressive VS Reserved Cultures Business Protocol

Cross Cultural Negotiations        Need for cross cultural negotiations Anatomy of negotiations Prepare for international negotiations Parameters of negotiations Planning for negotiations Importance of trust in negotiations Negotiation styles of major cultural groups and countries

International Business and IHRM Approaches  Stages of Internationalisation of Business  Management Philosophy/Approaches to IHRM  Competencies Required in International Managers

Recruitment and Selection by Multinationals     International Labour Market Sources Selection Procedure of Expatriates Expatriate Success Factors Adaptability to cultural change

Expatriate Training and Development      Need for training to Expatriate Cultural Integrator Cultural Awareness Training Types of Cross Cultural Training Cultural Assimilators

Organising Multinational Structures  Stages of Structural Evolution of Multinationals  New Types of Multinational Structures  Role of Human Resource

Compensation Management     Factors Influencing Compensation Programmes Paying Expatriates Approaches to Expatriate’s Compensation Cultural Impact and Compensation Policy

Performance Management in International Organisations     Performance Management and its link with other HR processes Multinational Performance Management Performance Management of Expatriates Variables that Influence Performance of Expatriate

Organisational Ethics     Ethics Ethical Issues Facing Multinationals What can Organisations do to foster Ethical Behaviour Good Corporate Citizen

Introduction to International HRM Definition General : “Procurement, allocation, utilisation and motivation of Human Resources in International business.” P Morgan: Two groups of variables that affects basic HR process 1st – Types of employees 2nd – Political, economic, legal environment, labour laws and practices prevailing in different countries Accordingly IHRM can be defined as an interplay between these two group of factors. But in other model, one more group is added i.e. multinational’s operational philosophy. Difference between IHRM and Domestic HRM • • • • • • • • • • Responsible for a greater number of functions and activities Broader knowledge of foreign county employment law Closely involved with employees lives Cope with more external influences Exposure to problems and liabilities Management of differential compensation Diversity management More liasoning activities More coordination and travel More risk management

Difference between Domestic and International Managers • • • • • • • • Global mindset Communication skills Conflict management skills Oriented towards a process of continual change International experience Political, economical and social sensitivity and knowledge of many countries Knowledge of culture shock and how to minimise it Leadership and team building skills

Types of International employees 1) 2) 3) 4) Foreing parent expatriates Host Country nationals Third Country expatriates of foreign parent Third Country expatriates of new venture

Issues in IHRM • • • • • Managing...
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