International Hotel Management

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第2部分 国际饭店业运营管理

运用营销学、管理经济学、服务管理学和企业运营管理理论研究国际住宿业运营管理、国际餐饮业运营管理、国际会展业运营管理,对知识经济时代的国际饭店业的顾客满意战略进行研究;对国际饭店业营销创新进行研究;对我国饭店业的品牌营销进行研究。 2.教学方法:

第三章 住宿业运营管理
(Lodge and Hotel Operation)
1. Standards and Rating of Accommodation
The need for standards and hotel ratings grew out of the need to meet minimum service requirement, and to ensure quality control and consumer protection when mass tourism expanded in the 1960s. Classification is a category rating which ranks a proper according to its type, facilities, and amenities. Grading is used to reflect quality assessment. Hotels and motels, a range of accommodation properties, and restaurants can all use rating as part of their marketing. (1) MTG Lodging Star Definitions (基于美孚旅行指南的饭店等级标准) The criteria are suggested criteria of what a guest can generally expect at each star level. They are not individually mandated nor are they limited to those items listed. These are merely a representative sampling of the hundreds of points covered during inspection process. At each level the lodging establishment is required to meet or exceed the requirements of the previous star rating. 1)One-Star Lodging Establishment

It is a limited service in a hotel/motel/inn that is considered a clean, comfortable and reliable establishment. 2)Two-Star Lodging Establishment
A Hotel/Resort/Inn is considered a clean, comfortable and reliable establishment, but also has expanded amenities, such as a full-service Restaurant on Lodging Establishment. 3) Three-Star Lodging Establishment

A Hotel/Resort/Inn which is well-appointed, with a full-service Restaurant and expanded amenities, such as, but not limited to: fitness center, golf course, tennis courts, 24-hour room service, and optional turndown service. 4) Four-Star Lodging Establishment

The four-star hotel/resort/inn provides a luxury experience with expanded amenities in a distinctive environment. Services may include, but are not limited to: turndown service, 24 hour room service, and valet parking. 5) Five-Star Lodging Establishment

It provides consistently superlative service in an exceptionally distinctive luxury environment with expanded services. Attention to detail is evident throughout the Hotel/Resort/Inn from the bed linens to staff uniforms. (2) Three-Star Lodging Establishment in America

An establishment that is well-appointed, with full services and expanded amenities. Guests at a Three-Star Hotel, Resort or Inn can expect to find all of the qualities for a Two-Star Hotel, Resort or Inn plus the following characteristics: Service detail includes turndown service, valet parking, baggage assistance, same day laundry and dry cleaning, complimentary newspapers are delivered to room, complete room service, workstation, basic fitness equipments, full breakfast. Facilities detail includes on-site store (high quality, major brand,sundry selections), public phonebook displayed in attractive cover pay-movie selections through television, suite accommodations Guest room detail is that each guest room has two phones, comfortable desk and chair with telephone and light, insulated ice bucket, glassware in room, mini bar, coffeemaker,ceramic cups and napkins; Pillows are plush and full, no foam; the framed artworks or interesting architectural features exist in room; excellent lighting is provided in bathroom; hygienic soap, shampoo and four other bath amenities; amenities are presented attractively and thoughtfully; towels are of absorbent quality, with soft nap and no discoloration; guest room is of generous size, and provides ample seating for more than two persons; specialized facility detail includes business center, spa, pool or fitness center complimentary and tennis. 2. Functions of Hotel Divisions

In a typical hotel organization, the departments are classified into two groups-revenue centers and support centers. The...
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