International Gay & Lesbian Human Rights Commission

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Human Rights Campaign
(International Gay & Lesbian Human Rights Commission)

The IGLHRC was started in the 90's by the founder Julie Dorf. It was established as a non-profit organization in 1991. The organization started because their main focus was on human rights abuses in Russia, but later became an active role in many places around the world. The IGLHRC has a headquarter in New York. The organization is now US based and an international non-governmental organization that advocates for the human rights of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, heterosexuals, transgender, and individuals with HIV/AIDS. The organization works along side of the United Nations, monitoring bodies and civil society partners, and they also have a consultative status within the UN.

IGLHRC is guided by their values of integrity, equality, respect, diversity and partnership. Their goals are to improve the lives of individuals who are experiencing discrimination and abuse because of their choice of sexual orientation, gender identity or expression of who they are. Building advocacy partnerships is key for this campaign because it's required when trying to develop a strong human rights movement globally. They have managed to work with local activists to strengthen their movement to fight for human rights, as well as partners as the UN and NGOs at the global level. With their partners they monitor and document abuses and respond to human rights emergencies to create visibility for human rights violations throughout the nation.

The organization is shaped by four critical goals. “They advocate for the elimination of discriminatory laws, policies and practices, such as sodomy laws which empower police and other authorities to abuse, harass, extort, and imprison. They support the enactment and implementation of anti-discrimination laws policies and practices to help build a world that is more equitable and fair. They strive to reduce family, community and state-sanctioned violence, publicly condemning all forms of violence against individuals because of their sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. And they actively promote economic, social and cultural rights, such as those related to employment, housing, education and health.” (IGLHRC)

This organization is in major need because more than 80 countries are still criminalize consensual same sex intimacy. The organization does their best to protect individuals who challenge sexual or gender norms that end up arrested, and forced to receive psychiatric treatment. Individuals can sometimes be denied basic job protections, health care, and parental rights, even worst can be attacked, tortured, and murdered.

IGLHRC makes sure that the Universal Declaration Human Rights and other international treaties are enforced. Together with their partners they work to eliminate discrimination and to foster laws and policies promoting the equality of all citizens. As well as protect those who are denied the right to privacy and family, freedom of speech, gender identity and expression.

The campaign responses to crisis in Africa, Latin America and Caribbean, Asia and Pacific, Middle East and North Africa, Europe and Central Asia, and North America. They conduct research and document human rights abuses in all of these different countries to pursue structural and institutional change. The organization also provides formal training to its partners around the world on topics ranging from human rights treaties and human rights system to the UN and its human rights mechanisms. They have developed fundraiser and advocacy strategies and organizational development.

As a leading international organization dedicated to human rights advocacy they encourage their supporters to invest in human rights for everyone, everywhere. They encourage different corporate sponsorship to publicize their commitment to human rights. They hold an annual gala awards ceremony where supporters...
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