International Financial Market

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International Financial Market

By | November 2012
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Yurhiness Design|
Automatic Sun Visor|
A Managerial Approach to Marketing|
Lora Norris|


Slide 2| Company building and headquarters for Yurhiness Design” Home of the Automatic Sun Visor. Yurhiness Design is a small company that has made a decision to introduce a new product to an existing market. A good starting engine for the success of this product will be a strategic marketing plan to help boost our product.| Slide 3| Mission statement of the company. This is what the company is presenting to the customer’s about their product.| Slide 4| Providing protection and better visibility. The ability to switch between light and dark and vice versa is what our thin film will do. This product is l00% effective toward the UV rays that can cause damage to the skin and impaired vision to the eyes. This will give the consumer an improvement to fighting the sun’s glare of the evening rays.| Slide 5| A display of film that is in the front of the company building to represent the product availability and overall performance of durability.| Slide 6| The innovative product offers two different colors to the consumers which are gray and dark brown. Some consumers prefer a choice of color rather than just one color choice. Yurhiness Design offers two at the present moment. | Slide 7| SWOT analysis identifying issues and problems in setting goals for the automatic sun visor success on the market. The SWOT analysis is a valuable step in assessing the firm’s weaknesses, strengths, and market opportunities with any other threats that may be affecting the company’s product.| Slide 8| Marketing mix –public relations, advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing are some of the areas that can help benefit the market of the product....

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