International Festival

Topics: United States dollar, 19th century, Ginseng Pages: 2 (440 words) Published: February 22, 2013
It is a Korean traditional outfit. It has two pieces, top and skirt for women and top and pants for men. It is very colorful and has beautiful decorations on bottom of the skirt of collar of the top. There are different types of HanBok for different occasions like New Year, wedding, fall festival (chu-seok), and funeral. Koreans wore Hanbok daily until 19th century but nowadays, we only wear it for special occasion.

It is a Korean traditional game. There are four wooden sticks which called yiut. Each yiut has one flat side and one non-flat side. You throw four yiuts at the same time. Count the yiuts with flat side up, and you can move your game chit.

Ginseng tea/ Ginseng candy
Korean red ginseng is one of the most famous ginsengs in the world. This tea has lots of benefits such as Antioxidant effect, Immune support, Reduce fatigue and possible cancer prevention. But taking too much of this tea could cause you sleepless and high blood pressure.

It is a fan with traditional patter or paint on. We also have traditional women’s dance that use giant BuChae.

It is a mask of human or animal’s face that people wear for play or theater. It’s usually made of woods. Different regions have different types of Tal. They have different facial expression and each play different roles in the play. Plays usually include sarcasm and critics about rich people/high class.

Guh Book Sun
It is a battle ship of Korea from late 16th century to early 19th century. General Sunshin Lee was the head of the battle ship. During Japan invasion in Korea 1592, it led Korea to win the battles in the sea. The shape of the ship is from turtle’s body and dragon’s head. Ma Pae

It is a certification for government workers that allow them to borrow horses for their work. It was first made of wood then became iron based certification in 1434.

Korean Money
The currency of Korean money is Won(₩). 1,000 won has the value of one American dollar. There aren’t...
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