International Events: Importance of Political Stability

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Factors which contribute to political stability which will become the considerations of mega events

A stable government is seen as a peaceful, law-abiding society where decision-making and politico-societal change are the result of institutionalised and eufunctional procedures and not the outcome of anomic processes which resolve issues through conflict and aggression (Hurwitz, 1993). Political stability comprises the firmness of the government and society, the effectiveness of international diplomatic relationships, the reliability and integrity of the legal system and of the business infrastructure, the efficiency of government bureaucracy and the appropriateness and effectiveness of the government’s economic policies. Paldam (1998) argues political stability should include four dimensions: stable government; stable political system; internal law and order; external stability. Best (2012) also considers there are four axiomatic dimensions of political performance: durability, civil order, legitimacy and decisional efficacy.

Political issues include the entire sphere of the social; the implication of this is that events, processes and practices should not be labelled “non-political” or “extra-political” simply by virtue of the specific setting or context in which they occur (Hay, 2002). Roche (2000, p45) describes mega-sporting events as “large-scale cultural events which have a dramatic character, mass popular appeal and international significance. They are typically organised by variable combination of national governmental and international non-governmental organisations.” Running events is all about managing relationships in order to deliver a product within a given timeframe and budget. There will be numerous interested parties in any major event – stakeholders, athletes, federations, sponsors, security forces, and the media – and the initial establishment of positive working relationships with each of these groups will be vital for the success of the event (Clarke et al., 2005). As mentioned before, there are numerous factors which contributed to political stability, but not every factor is the consideration for holding an event. The writer summarises factors which are the cornerstone of political stability that will be significant to an event as: political power, government capability, security, legal system, economic performance, human rights, and environmental sustainability.

Government capability is the activity of governing an important element for political stability. This governing activity may consist of a specific part of management or leadership processes of government systems, and accordingly it may be interpreted to mean whatever the government does which is governance (Hwang, 2011). For example, African political instability and other related problems are basically a consequence of its leadership problems. Political organisations such as factions, parties and pressure groups were established at the national level for the purpose of waging the struggle to win control of the power (Luard, 1993).The government’s ability to coordinate all the political parties will become the guarantee of events conducted smoothly, for example, when Barcelona held the 1992Olympic Games, it was a rare Olympic games with no boycotts. Among all political parties, there existed a strong sense of agreement regarding the Olympic dream of revitalizing the city; interestingly, after the games, a lack of political stability has stalled further rapid transport and urban investments in Barcelona (Kassens-Noor, 2012). Another example is even though South Africa was always perceived as an unstable area in the world, in order to host World Cup 2010, their government and the South African Football Association set up extensive decision-making bodies at national, provincial and local levels to carry out requirements of hosting the tournament, from stadium facilities to legal provisions (Riegel, 2010) Whether a nation has good...
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