International Education Week

Topics: Thought, Film, Hayao Miyazaki Pages: 2 (376 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Katie Little
Richard Shivener
International Education Week

I’m glad that we took a day from our class to go see the speaker Dr. Susan Napier who wrote “The Immortal Sea: The Cultures of Childhood,” in Japanese Animation. Although I have not even heard of this book or anything about this woman, I think it was a good idea to sit in on all the conversations that took place. Many people were very into the conversation, and even though I did listen and pay attention I felt so unconnected to the whole sit in just because I really was unsure of what they were even talking about.

One thing I did learn about the sit in was how many kids and adults were truly interested in the speaker and the book. Several people asked many questions and I really felt like Dr. Susan Napier did a very good job of answering them very thorough. I didn’t realize how many adults and teachers would really enjoy this writer and Japanese animation so much to come and watch.

Another thing I learned was Studio Ghibli is the most popular film industry in Japan. This guy has a very big influence on the films just because he sees childhood as something so much different. He makes films in his opinions to make other people believe how he thinks and what effects it has on children. I did like his work and how he works so hard in order to create good work for children to read.

I liked how Dr. Susan Napier presented how Mayazaki presents his concerns in all of his films. This was very interesting to see the film, “Ponyo,” that dealt with a boy and a girl being so deep in love. The films throughout the sit in was really the only thing that actually caught my eye and had my attention.

I thought she was a good speaker and that she did a good job explaining, but where I had no idea of these artist or her I really had trouble remembering everything she talked about without taking notes. I would definitely feel better about her speech and want to ask questions if I had an...
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