International Cuisine

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Mandy Borrow, a former teacher at Woodlands Junior School in the United Kingdom mentioned in her School blog that the British Isles is comprised of Great Britain, Ireland and other small islands with Great Britain being the largest island (Barrow). In other information, the British Isles are occupied by two nations; United Kingdom which is the union of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland (Barrow). A website called Food by Country wrote in their webpage title “United Kingdom”, the British Isles is made up of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and each region has its own special cuisine. The English have ruled over the entire region, including all of Ireland (North and South) (Danaher,K). The colonization of the British Empire to different parts of the world introduced many new techniques and food. Beans, turkey, potatoes, and tomatoes were introduced to the British from the colonization of the Americas, and spices, rice and curry were introduced from the Indian colony. Such colonization of the different parts of the world was important in influencing the development of the British cuisine. Britain’s new techniques and food influences also spread to the other nations of the British Isles as well which were made possible by the close proximity and interaction. (MacVeigh 146-147). According to Jeremy MacVeigh, the author of ‘ International Cuisine’, the cuisines of the British Isles are distinctive and unique among the world’s cuisines because of the cooking methods used for cooking. These historic methods of cooking are boiling, griddling, and hearth baking, and traditionally they all are done over a fire burning in hearths. Therefore, MacVeigh added, “ This tradition is the basis for many of

the techniques and recipes that make up the backbone of the cuisines of this area” (MacVeigh 147). The cooking styles in the British Isles (Britain, Ireland, Scotland and Wales) are unique because of the population’s attitude toward food, and it also reminded people “the purpose of food, comfort, and nourishment” (MacVeigh 145). The United Kingdom located west of the mainland of Europe has a mild and rainy climate because it is surrounded by water. Great Britain, the largest island in the UK is made up of Scotland in the north, England in the southeast, Wales in the southwest, and Northern Ireland is the northwestern part of Ireland. The country’s farmers produce 60% of the food the UK needs, and the farmers also produce more livestock than crops, therefore; some of the world’s best beef and lamb is raised in the UK (United Kingdom n.p). Throughout the United Kingdom, pasties or meat pies; a combination of ground meat, vegetables, and potatoes inside a pastry crust are popular. And the UK’s favorite meals are fish and chips and curry (introduced by immigrants from India) (United Kindom, n.p) England

The largest of the nation-states in the United Kingdom is England, which is located on the island of Great Britain. England has the richest agricultural land on Great Britain; it is mostly lowlands and rolling hills. “The eastern section with its fertile soil is used for growing crops, the central and southern sections for dairy production, and the northern section with its mountainous region is used for sheep grazing” (Mac Veigh).

The traditional food of England is known of its simplicity of ingredients and flavor. And its cuisine has a reputation for being bland before the colonization of other countries. However, as mentioned earlier different flavors, food and techniques have been brought into the country through the colonization, which have greatly influenced the English cuisine (Plessis para.1). Since, England has a good livestock production, the British food has traditionally used lamb, beef, pork, chicken and...
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