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With saturation of domestic markets and intense competition, it is imperative for companies to internationalize their operations. In order to survive and grow, the companies are forced to seek and exploit opportunities in newer markets. But the process of penetrating and then developing an international market for the product is a laborious activity. With no sales and marketing infrastructure in place, and little or no knowledge of the market, the efforts required to enter a new market is similar to that of establishing a start-up venture. Companies enter international markets for varied reasons. But, the fundamental reason is the potential demand of the new market. Besides, internationalization can help the company achieve greater economies of scale. But in certain cases, a company may enter a new market as a reaction to a competitor’s move. This is driven by the belief that the competitor would gain a significant advantage if it were allowed to operate alone in that market. At times, some companies undertake foreign market entry with the objective of learning. Learning indirectly, via a local distributor or a partner, is less effective and does not contribute significantly to enable the company develop itself into a global player. Apart from the varied marketing objectives, government incentives to boost exports and global operations also encourage companies to enter markets it would otherwise not have ventured into. Companies often follow, what is sometimes referred to as the “increasing commitment” pattern of market penetration, in which it starts with exporting its products to the target countries, thereafter has a tie-up with a...
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