International Business Plan

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  • Published : October 19, 2008
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One-page description of the project
The type of business, product or service proposed and a brief description. A brief description of the country proposed for trade, the rationale for selecting the country, identification of existing, trade barriers, identification of sources of information (research sources and interviews). T

A. Economic, political and legal analysis of the trading country 1. Describe the trading country’s economic system, economic information important to your proposed business/product/service, the level of foreign investment in that country

2. Describe the trading country’s governmental structure and stability, how the government controls trade and private business

3. Describe laws and/or governmental agencies that affect your business/product/service [i.e., labor laws, trade laws (U.S.A. and/or Canada and foreign)] B. Trade area and cultural analysis
1. Geographic and demographic information, important customs and traditions, other pertinent cultural information, competitive advantages and disadvantages of the proposed product and/or service

2. Market segment analysis target market (age, income level, population estimate, other specific demographic and economic information) customer buying behavior related to the proposed product and or service

3. Analysis of the potential location—importance and requirements of each trade document required by the U.S.A. and/or Canada and the country of choice IV. PLANNED OPERATION OF THE PROPOSED BUSINESS/PRODUCT/SERVICE A. Proposed organization

Type of ownership and rationale; advantages/disadvantages of the type of ownership selected; start-up steps to form the business; planned personnel (or functional) needs; proposed staffing to handle managerial, financial, marketing, legal, production (if applicable) functions; proposed organization chart, brief job descriptions, if necessary B. Proposed...
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