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A Global Perspective: LAVA IP International Pte Ltd
John T Morris
IB 201 Introduction to International Business
Remington College Honolulu
Final Class Project Draft Outline
March 20, 2013

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Professor K. Kurch
International business and conducting global business activities worldwide requires strategy. This Strategy comes in the form of fostering straightforward, transparent, and direct business relationships across various international markets.

This essay highlights an international business development organization named LAVA IP International Pte Ltd that promotes and provides sales leads, develop market entry strategies, find distributors, promote business, and find new partners and clients in global markets.

LAVA IP International Pte Ltd simplifies the complex nature of international business development and will help companies do more business across Asia, Europe, The Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and North America.

Imagine that you started or even have an existing small to mid-size organization and within your business marketing plan there is a clear indication of global implementations. In these tough economic times, don’t waste money on unnecessary overheads. Instead, invest in acquiring new customers of long lasting value to enhance that marketing plan.

LAVA IP International Pte Ltd makes your marketing plan complete and effective by driving sales and growing your business while you focus on core operations, and we work in the background developing warm sales leads which is then handed over to you directly once they are actionable. LAVA IP International PteLtd (get into credentials)

I. LAVA IP International Pte Ltd
a. Name of Company and location
b. Background Historical Data
c. Describe Key Services
d. International Markets covered locations globally
II. Provide the essential services offered to SMB by LAVA IP International Pte Ltd a....
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