International Business Negotiation as I See It.

Topics: Negotiation, Need, Marketing Pages: 3 (592 words) Published: December 3, 2012
International business negotiation as I see it.
In particular, Business Negotiation course provides us skills needed in an international negotiation stage on which we stand like business people, real causes to enhance our horizon, and the chance to work like a team.

Before the negotiation start, we need to choose theme of Negotiation, I mean that every negotiation has the theme, in which both of teams are interested in and prepare for negotiation. But sometimes we can also have some prenegotiations problems, like: * Totally inadequate preparation;

* Inappropriate spokesperson chosen;
* Agenda not well handled, or non-existent;
* Key words misunderstood;
* Negotiation background misunderstood;
* Decision-makers not identified;
* Cultural differences not recognized or discussed;
* and others;
So to avoid problems we need have a good preparation.
From our course I know that it will be no success without thorough preparation.
First we need to prepare the team:
1) Select team leader ( The leader should lead this discussion and ensure that all members get into their roles at once); 2) Assign roles to each members (the business roles of team members depend on the project, and it can include - technological. Financial, legal, marketing, and human resources. 3) Analyze thoroughly;

It includes 4 steps:
* What issues are to be negotiated?
* Study all factors affecting the scope of negotiation;
* Ensure common understanding of everything presented in step 2; * Assess strengths and weaknesses of both sides, set goals, strategies, initial position.

4) Final preparation:
* Prepare and rehearse your COS (Comprehensive Opening Statement); * Write out the questions you want to ask and who will ask them;

5) Agenda development ( Own agenda first, then negotiate final with other side); 6) Protocol and procedures (Decide in your required procedures, preparations, and protocol, including host...
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