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Topics: Employment, Trade union, Collective bargaining Pages: 2 (651 words) Published: November 7, 2010
| International Exporters Inc.|
To:Exporting and Trade Interns
CC:Director of Exporting and Trade
Date: [ 5/31/2009 ]
Re:Introduction to International Labor
The following information in this memo is an introduction to international business in which I will explain how labor forces influence international business. This memo will include basic information on labor quality, quantity, mobility, minorities, labor market, and labor unions. The labor force is comprised of all individuals who are currently employed or looking for employment in a region or country. The labor force influences international business because businesses cannot run without individuals who can and want to work. The labor quality is determined by several factors such as how much education one has, the attitudes, as well as the skills of all available employees (Ball, McCulloch, Frantz, Geringer, & Minor, 2006). Labor quantity is the “number of available employees with the skills required to meet an employers’ business needs” (Ball et al., 2006, p.252). The benefit to having more qualified employees than the number of positions that are available means that a company can save money by hiring the best individual or individuals at a lower rate. This is evident across the country as well as internationally as the unemployment rate continues to soar around the world. Labor mobility is another factor that influences international business. This occurs when individuals move between countries or regions in order to find employment (Ball et al., 2006).One of the main factors that cause individuals to move for work is to gain a better economic situation than what they are currently experiencing. Foreign-born immigrants move to another country permanently while foreign immigrants move on a temporary basis and must eventually return to their home country. Minorities also influence international business, sometimes in a positive way. Minorities are “a relatively small number of...
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