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Topics: United Arab Emirates, Higher education, Abu Dhabi Pages: 20 (7116 words) Published: February 1, 2012
Assignment 2

Analysis of the Establishment of an international branch of Trinity College Dublin in the United Arab Emirates

Name: - Maria Kennedy

ID No.:- 3838419

Subject: - TBS 920 – International Business Strategy

Class: - 1

Day: - Wednesday

Date of Submission: - 7th December 2011

Executive Summary
Trinity College Dublin is considering the establishing of an international branch campus and have identified the United Arab Emirates as the potential location of their first branch. This report examines this as a possible option for Trinity it looks at the environment Trinity currently operates in its home country Ireland. A thorough analysis of the identified host country was carried out some of the key findings from this include:- 1. Politically the UAE contrasts the democracy which exists in Ireland, they have system which is a monarchies with rulers/sheikh’s in each emirate. It is a politically stable country however and the rulers are very supportive of foreign direct investment and are especially supportive of international western educational institutions. 2. The legal framework is still evolving which as the country has just existed as the UAE for forty years this is normal. The legal system is predominantly Islamic law. An important aspect of the law which Trinity College needs to be aware of is the state enforced control of information which has strict guidelines and will impact course delivery, materials and freedom of speech in the classroom. The UAE has free zones which has its own set of rules and regulations which facilitate easier business operations. Dubai International Academic City is one of these free zones established specifically for higher education. 3. The culture of the UAE like the political system is in stark contrast to the culture in Ireland, the report looks in detail at this aspect as understanding this will be critical to Trinity College’s success. The culture like the legal system is heavily influenced by the Islamic religion which is predominant in the UAE and the region 4. Financial considerations include a currency risk which Trinity College could face as the UAE currency, the dirham is pegged against the US dollar while the currency in Ireland is the Euro. Recent years has seen the Euro appreciate against the dollar which will help with the initial investment however could negatively impact repatriation of funds when the dirham is converted into euros. If Trinity College decides to establish the campus in the free zone 100% repatriation of funds is allowed also they would not have to see a local partner 5. The World Bank have ranked the UAE as 33rd in the world for ease of doing business which is a positive indicator. Trinity will have to receive accreditation from the Ministry of Higher Education.

The market assessment shows that this market has great potential for Trinity College this and the country analysis will drive the marketing and operational strategies and will also assist in determining the organizational structure.

It is the recommendation of the report that Trinity College should proceed with its establishment of a campus in the United Arab Emirates however they will have to carefully plan the process looking at each aspect of this report in much more detail so as to develop a robust road map as failure is not an option.

Table of Contents
Executive Summary2
Product & Country of Origin4
Country of Origin4
Host Country Identification5
Host Country Analysis6
Macro Political Environment6
Legal System & Attitude to Foreign Direct Investment7
Cultural & Social8
Repatriation Laws10
Entry Strategy11
Marketing Strategy12
Market Assessment12
Modification of Product/Service13
Organization Structure15
Operational Strategy15
Human Resource Strategy...
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