International Business Analysis

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My presentation will be 2 sections
First I will show you this ad from china airline
In this ad, the airline staffs are friendly, caring and kind to the others and they did the best to improve their services. Therefore, the humane orientation is highlight in this ad. Humane orientation refers the degree to which member of a society are fair, friendly, generous and kind to others. Generally, eastern countries like china, Malaysia rank very high on this culture while western counties like Germany, Italy ranks lower. To be specific, there are 3 culture dimension related to the humane orientation which are agreeableness, welfare state and fairness. Here are general definitions of them; they both have effect on humane orientation in positive or negative side Agreeable individuals think it important to get along with others. They are willing to put aside their interest for other people. Therefore, there is an obvious advantage for human orientation company to build teams on the work floor. Agreeable person were found to show less voice behavior, i.e. making suggestions or advancing the ideas. So, agreeableness may not good in some situation that require difficult or object decision.

For the welfare state, If a society does not have efficient insurance, there is more need of assistance on the interpersonal level. In contrast, they have reduce need for their members to be friendly and helpful to each other. So improve the employee’s benefit and deal with their personal problem would motivated them and create a higher performance.

Similar for the fairness.

The second example is from the kitkat ad in Ireland which a bit different with the one in Australia. This “do it now and have it now” ad appeals to the short term orientation cultures because they do not think in terms of long term or down the road. These product should and only could sell in 2012 cause they

Long term orientation countries like Singapore and Switzerland tend to have longer horizons and...
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