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Topics: Social responsibility, Corporate social responsibility, Mean Pages: 2 (747 words) Published: October 16, 2011
1.)What are the challenges regarding corporate social responsibility that companies in the apparel industry face in the supply chains around the world? Some of the challenges that companies of supply chains faced are horrible. They are the following. According to the case study, there have been cases reported abusive treatments in more than a quarter of its South Asian plants. Another report is that 25%-50% of factories in the region restrict access to toilets and drinking water during the workday. The same percentage that was reported also applied to factories denying workers at least one day off of the seven days they already work. This is just horrible. What I found to be shocking is that more then half of Nike’s employees work more than 60 hours per week. I find this very hard to read, especially thinking about the family that each people has, and not having time to see them or see their children grow. Another reason, I came along the reading was that any worker who refused to do overtime was to be punished. I really didn’t know that behaviors like this in a workplace exist.

2.)Discuss the meaning and implications of the statement by a Nike representative that “consumers are not rewarding us for investments in improved social performance in supply chains.”

What this means to me, is that Nike has to step up the game, and start to create a positive environment. Change the system for upgrades. Doing this will being more consumers, and brining feedback from consumers will help Nike continue forward. Other successful companies realize that the responsibility of one is to work towards the accountability of all. Nike did the research and study other companies, and launch a new goal “To Effect positive” Which was what I was talking about earlier. Making improvements overall, work conditions, customer feedback, promotions and much more. This will engage the company’s labor ministries, civil society and inspire competitors around the world to do it as...
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