International Business

(Conducted on Technopark,Trivandrum  February 2 2012)

1. Speak to tweet is the service provided by which internet giant?             Google
2. Who is the father of free software foundation?
            Richard Mathew Stalman
3. Expand SOPA
            Stop online piracy act
4. What is the relation between Craig Silverstain and Google?             He is the first employee of Google
5. Xoom is the tablet computer introduced by which company?             Motorola
6. Who is the author of the book “Go kiss the world”?
            Subrato Bagchi
7. Expand CAT related to law
            Cyber applet tribunal
8. Which is the tablet computer introduced by Amazon?
            Amazon kindle fire
9. Expand SAMEER
            Society for applied microwave electronics engineering and research 10. Expand VSAT
            Very small aperture terminal
11. WIT is the NASDAQ code of which Indian company?
12. Who is the prince invested 300 million dollars in Twitter?             Al Waleed Bin Talal
13. What is SIRI?
            Voice commanding system in Apple i phone 4s 14. Who is the father of C programming passed away recently?             Dennis Ritchie
15. What is F8 related to Facebook?
            Annual developers conference
16. What is IMPS banking system?
            Inter banking mobile payment system
17. World computer literacy day is celebrated on
            December 2
18. What is ice cream sandwich ?
            Android OS 4.0
19. Satyam computers is known today as
            Mahindra Satyam
20. In Trivandrum technopark what is T BIC?
            Technopark business incubation centre 21.Expand CATFOSS
            Centre for advanced training in free and open source software 22. Who is the current (as on 2012 January) Kerala IT minister?             P K Kunjalikutty
23. What is Opera mini?
            Mobile phone web browser
24. One of the directors of...
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