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Topics: Nutrition, Sugar, World Health Organization Pages: 3 (1073 words) Published: May 8, 2013
3. The lack of harmonized food -safety practices and standards is just one of the challenges facing the food industry as it increasingly globalizes. What other challenges does the food industry face as the world becomes more economically integrated? What solutions do you pose for these problems?

As we know today, the world has become more economically integrated and many problems regarding the food issues arising that give challenges to those people and organization involve in the food industry. From the article of globalization and health entitled, The Role and Challenges of The Food Industry in Addressing Chronic Disease written by Derek Yatch, Mehmood Khan, Dondeena Bradley, Rob Hargrove, Stephen Kehoe, and George Mensah, they mention little bit about the challenges that the food industry are facing in today’s world in the article. In the article, there are averagely about three challenges that the food industry is facing right now. First, the increasing amounts of fat and obese people make many sides and other parties denounce the food industry. Second, the coercion towards fast betterment for the food companies is because the restriction of science technology and lack of accommodation in nutrition science. Third, public’s level of trust for the food companies are very low as the public calls to follow standards and regulations when carry out self–regulatory system to the food companies. Therefore, in order to solve the problems faced by these food companies, several recommendations are given to help ease these problems. The former World Health Organization (WHO), Director General, Gro Harlem Brundtland emphasizes on demand to the solutions of this problem, and the International Food and Beverage Alliances (IFBA) produce specific recommendations to the food industry. Below is the table taken from the article about the recommendations to help release the food companies from the challenges that they are facing. The food reformulation, second, consumer...
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