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Assessment One

UNIT: 5G4250: International Brand Strategy

Assessment Title:

Launching a brand into TWO separate international markets: Developing an appropriate brand strategy and marketing communication plan.

Issue Date: 16th January 2013

Hand In Date:18th March 2013

Presentation dates:20th and 21st March 2013

Unit Leader: Peter Betts

Tutor and internally
verified by: Susan Kinnear

Aim of the Assignment:

* To appreciate the complexities and challenges in developing appropriate international branding strategies through the implementation of a variety of marketing communication tools within a context of differing international cultures.

On successful completion of this unit students will be able to demonstrate: * A conceptual understanding of the branding process and how brands are developed. * An ability to identify and evaluate various marketing communication tools and their role within the brand development process. * Critical awareness of the international integration of brands and how they evolve and develop in different cultures. * Effective team working.

* Analysis and planning skills with respect to brand strategies.


40% of the total module marks are awarded to this assessment, which consists of:

* An oral presentation (20 minutes maximum ) on international branding strategies when using a number of marketing communication tools and the impact of differing cultures.

Assignment Task:

Oral presentation based on groups of between 5-6 team members: Presentation duration 20 minutes. The presentation will be of a formal nature. Guidance on this will be given by your tutor during the tutorial sessions.

You are to select an international brand and are to assume the position of advisors to the international marketing manager of your chosen brand.

The company is planning to launch the brand into two new countries. Each country your group chooses should be of a contrasting level of development (i.e. developed country or part of the developing world). You will be required to give a presentation based on the following four key areas:

Presentation Tasks (for group)

* Introduce the brand together with a brief review of its current brand values and characteristics within its current served markets.

* Provide an overview of the macro and micro economic challenges, which confront the brand in attempting to enter each of your chosen markets.

* Outline the brand strategies for market entry, to include an appreciation of the following: (global versus differentiated approaches, risk, country of origin, corporate brand reputation, image, identity and personality. cultural dimensions of chosen markets).

* Outline of the marketing communication plan to support the launch and on-going development of the brand

The group presentation will last for exactly 20 minutes. All aspects of the presentation will need to be covered in the 20 minutes available to you. A further 10-15 minutes will be set-aside by the tutors to ask questions based upon the content of your presentation. Copies of your presentation slides need to be submitted on Monday 18th March by 1.00pm and the presentations will take place during Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st March. You can provide any supporting documentation that you think appropriate to accompany your presentation. One of the documents that you MUST submit at the end of this presentation is a detailed list of your references.

MMUBS’ referencing standard

Examples of references for different source materials using MMUBS’ referencing standard (a style of the Harvard system of referencing)

Huczynski, A. A. and Buchanan, D. A. (2007) Organizational behaviour: An introductory text. 6th ed., Harlow: Financial Times Prentice Hall.

Book chapter
Gordon, R., Druckman, D., Rozelle, R. and Baxter, J. (2006) ‘Non-verbal behaviour as...
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