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1. Why did Arvind Mills choose globalization as major route to achieve growth when domestic market was huge?


The reasons of choosing global market by Arvind Mills are: 

1. Market seeking motives, such as exclusiveness of product and service with high productivity, stringent in-line quality control and an encouraging manufacturing atmosphere. 

2. Economic motives, such as profit making by implementing cutting edge technologies to achieve economies of scale and spreading R&D costs. etc.

3. Strategic motives, such as buying-up of sick units, departing worldwide and gaining German and US brand names.

2. Hoe does lifting of Country-wise quota regime’ help Arvind Mills?


The lifting of ‘Country-wise quota regime’ surged a demand for high quality garments from India; while Arvind brands crossed over Rs. 60 crore in the year 2002 and planned to setup two more high tech export-oriented factories in India. And now, Arvind has the largest network of 64 outlets with 30 retail chains and 200 multi-brand outlets all over India. The current turnover of Arvind Brand is about Rs. 85 crore, which aimed to reach Rs. 100 crore with 1200-3000 outlets across 480-800 towns. 

3. What lessons can other Indain business learn from the experience of Arvind Mills?


Arvind Mills is one of the trademarks of Indian market, which executed diverse patterns of business. Arvind brand extended the international brands in small towns of India. Of course, many other business brands in India now follows Arvind brand. The other Indian businesses should learn a lot from Arvind Mills: international outset of market; Multi-regional integration approach; union and attainment, strategic alliances, international delegates, global network formation; changes in internal organization, etc.



1.Which of the theories of International trade can help Indian services providers gain competitive edge over their competitors?


1) ONE SUGGESTED THEORY to gain dynamism and competitiveness IN OPERATION.

✓     Developing executive leadership at three levels that is       -top team,
      -the personal development of individual executives as leaders       -the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

✓ Getting strategy to work

✓ Achieve learning through knowledge management

✓ Achieve supply chain excellence

✓ Develop branding strategy

2) Productivity for INTERNATION TRADE Competitiveness the rapid changes in the context of the process of economic reform, globalization and liberalization have created greater compulsions for India to be productive and competitive than     ever before. With rapid advancement in technology as well as Management Theory and Practice, the concept & techniques of productivity have undergone a change over time, thereby creating a need for devising fresh approaches, coining new message and adopting a new idiom to spread the message to the stakeholders.

      There is an urgent need to redefine and re-structure the Productivity Movement in such a way that it becomes a self perpetuating process, more so, because the general environment earlier was not very congenial for the desired productivity growth as lots of non-productive barriers & protective walls surrounded our economic system for a very long time. All these protective walls have come crashing down and now competition is the name of the game.

      Keeping in view the stage at which it stands on the road to economic progress, promotion of productivity, its awareness creation and benefit able implementation should be the corner stone of productivity movement. Productivity in its new manifestation, as a culture of accepting and bringing about continuous change through teamwork having continued focus on the customer-need is an inescapable...
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