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Brunel Business School
Master of Science


Individual Coursework Assignment

Word Limit: 3000 words

Submission Deadline: Monday, 21st January 2013 by 12 noon

The assignment requires you to carry out a Marketing Research and Planning Project covering a period of twelve months. Assume that you are working as part of a Marketing Study Group within a major company active in the UK market in one of the product areas below:

Energy foods or drinks
Environmentally friendly furniture
Energy saving kitchen appliances
Educational toys

Working individually, you should present a report, which follows appropriate business and scholarly conventions. Select an actual company and base your report around the search for a new product and its introduction.

As a result of the research conducted in the first part of your report (sections 1-4) you should identify product modifications and/or new products, which will generate business growth. The second part (sections 5 onwards) deals with the introduction of the new or modified product into the UK market. Your Plan should be based on the following framework:

1: Introduction
2: Corporate Objectives
3: Market Overview
4: Marketing Audit: Internal and External (Marketing Mix/SWOT/ PEST/ Porter’s 5 Forces Analyses) 5: Assumptions
6: Marketing Objectives and Strategies for new or modified product 7: Identification of Alternative Plans
8: Promotional Programme
9: Measurement, Review and Control
10: Appendices

The Marketing Research must be based on Secondary Research, but you are free to conduct any Primary Research you feel will bring interesting insights into your plan. Analyse and interpret information researched. You must include in your report an evaluation of what your research indicates are the likely characteristics of a successful new product and the likely customer acceptance of such a product.

Your Promotional Programme should cover a period of twelve months, starting some time before the launch of the new or modified product. Presentation of Report:

Your Report, which must look as professional as possible, must be word-processed, well-structured, grammatically correct, spell-checked and proof-read. It will include sound bibliographic references cross-referenced by numbers or author and date in the text of your report. Word limit is 3000 words. Produce a suitable cover for the report. A contents page is required and pages must be numbered with good margins and paragraphing to assist the reader to absorb the contents. There should be numbered section headings and sub-headings. The typeface should be consistent throughout. Reports must be presented in a professional business format and style, making effective use of diagrams - your own or properly attributed - in communicating key elements and concepts. You should include some graphs and charts illustrating the principal relevant findings of your Primary Research, if used.

Proper references are essential. Do not confuse good summary or referencing of published sources with plagiarism.

PG: grades: A, B, C, D, E, F

Criteria| Grade descriptors|
Introduction| A. Introduction defines clearly and succinctly the industry/ sector / product range / brand and provides a very focused and convincing justification for the choices made, supported by several appropriate references.| B. Introduction defines clearly the industry/ sector / product range / brand and provides a very good justification for the choices made, supported by several appropriate references.| C. Introduction outlines broadly the industry/ sector / product range / brand and provides some justification for the choices made, supported by several...
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