International Bank

Topics: Big Five personality traits, Psychology, Management Pages: 2 (344 words) Published: April 26, 2013
International bank
Based only on the consultant’s summary, I think that A.M. is the best person as the leader of the group of loan officers, as the formulization in the organization and professionalism of officers can substitute for the task-oriented and people-oriented leadership. 2.

Besides the summary on three candidates, I think some following considerations should be taken into account for selecting the best candidate: the condition of external environment, the bank’s expectations from the leader and the present situation of the group, especially the quality of the group members. Then I will analyze these points respectively: The condition of external environment: facing the collapse of Mexican peso, the risky and adventurous leader can better adapt to the unstable environment. And people-oriented leadership will be more suitable and successful in the changing condition. the bank’s expectations from the leader: the bank believe that the loan officers needed to be reined in, thus, the leader should feel comfortable when using the position power to manager employees. The leader likes authority. The present situation of the group, especially the quality of the group members: in the long run, employees’ professionalism would substitute for both the task oriented and people-oriented leadership. To sum up, based on these situations, leader should be the one who can overcome the problem by using the position authority to control the loan officers. Among these three candidates, the first A.M. is out. I will make the choice between J.T. and F.C. at present, he can control the officers; in the long run, concern for people will increase the efficiency of team work and collaboration in this changing external environment. 3.

As personality can reflect people’s stable pattern of behavior in response to ideas, objects and people in environment which is the important criterion in selecting leadership. Five personality dimensions: Extraversion, agreeableness,...
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