International Adoption

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International Adoption

Attention grabber:
Children in foreign countries are left to live unhappily in harmful and dangerous environments. By banning international adoption we are risking these children’s lives.

Good morning/afternoon classmates and Mrs Roche I am here today to convince you that international adoption should not be banned.

International adoption should be permitted in countries such as Australia, which is filled with families couples that have been through all of the appropriate background checks, and still they wait to get the adoptive child.

This issue is very important because these adoptive couples are either willing to bring a new child into there family or are unable to conceive themselves. You might ask why don’t theses adoptive couples just adopt from there own country? Well did you know the average waiting time in Australia is around 20 years? By adopting these children there is a great chance you might be saving their lives. I have been observing this issue for a while now and I have wondered why nothing has been done to stop this issue. I’ve figured some people are against international adoption but i'm willing to bet on it that if you send a petition around you town, state or even country that the majority of people would back up this issue to get it dealt with once and for all.

Body, Problems and solutions:
International adoption is too expensive! The prices these people pay is outrageous. The government keeps saying we are doing everything we can to get these children adopted but how can they when they set the price of adoption to $10,000 up to a massive $35,000+. In china, which is the most overpopulated country in the world the price range for adoption, is 20 to 30 thousand dollars. I believe if we lower the price to internationally adopt more children will be adopted and the rate of orphans would drop drastically.

Adoption companies might just be trying to assure the safety of...
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