International Accounting

Topics: International Financial Reporting Standards, Financial statements, International Accounting Standards Board Pages: 19 (4710 words) Published: August 29, 2012
Office hours: Thursday 4:30-5:30: as announced in class; and by appointment. (NOTE: I am typically in most weekdays, and appointments—face-to-face or telephone—are typically easy to arrange. I am also available by e-mail.)

Required texts:
• Chapters 10 and 11 from Advanced Accounting, 11th edition Fischer, Taylor and Cheng. You can purchase these chapters as PDFs from:
Here is some specific information about the book to help you find the chapters: Advanced Accounting,11th Edition (do not purchase chapters 10 and 11 from the 10th ed); Authors: P. Fischer, Wm. Tayler, R. Cheng; ISBN-13: 9780538480284 1152 Pages | © 2012

• Chapters 4 and 5 from International Accounting 3rd edition, Doupnik and Perrera, McGraw Hill/Irwin Publishing. (See in-class handout) • Electronic (or other) access to IFRS
One option is: The drawback to this site is that you do not get access to implementation guidance or the basis for conclusions. (The advantage is that the site provides the IFRS for free.) • Harvard Business School Press Case: Land Securities Group (A), Product number 9-105-014, Author Ed Riedl; available at: Then type Land Securities Group into the search box. (Make sure you buy the (A) version of the case.) • Harvard Business School Press Case: Hedging currency risk at AIFS, Revised 2007, Product number 9-205-026, Author M. Desai et al.: Then type Hedging currency risk at AIFS into the search box. (Make sure you buy the case—not the spreadsheet.) Required text (continued)

• Stanford Graduate Business School case: IAS 39 "Carve-Out": How the European Union Hedged Its Exposure to the International Standard on Derivatives and Hedging, Author A. Jagolinzer and C. Armstrong, Date 2/7/07, Available from Harvard Business School Press, Product number A191-PDF-ENG: available at: Then type IAS 39 "Carve-Out": How the European Union Hedged Its Exposure to the International Standard on Derivatives and Hedging into the search box. • FASB codification—password to be handed out in class. You may log in at

Objectives of the course include
• Gaining an appreciation of the challenges of accounting, risk management and financial reporting in a multinational environment. • Gaining an entry-level knowledge of international financial reporting standards (IFRS) and how IFRS differs from US GAAP. Grades will be determined as follows:

1. Midterm exam 20 possible points
2. Homework collection15 possible points
3. Participation15 possible points
4. Group project15 possible points
5. Final exam35 possible points

NOTE: I assume that you should invest—at a minimum—three hours of time outside of class for every credit hour in class. Thus, for this 3-credit class, you should plan to invest at least nine hours per week in preparation and homework.

If, after reviewing the syllabus you think that this class seems like a lot of work—you are correct. We will be covering some very challenging topics—some are so “cutting edge” that there are no textbooks to rely on. However, this is graduate education and I believe that you should be challenged. The earning of a graduate degree should signal to potential employers and others that you have learned more than “just the normal, everyday stuff that every accountant should know” and that takes hard work. It is my opinion that those who hold an MSA, an MST or an MBA from UCF should not view hard work and knowledge as distant islands that are best left unvisited.

Midterm exam. This will be a midterm exam on 20 September 2012.

Homework collection. There are homework assignments for most classes. You should prepare solutions and be prepared to hand them in. Although I will not necessarily...
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