Internal Threats to Pakistan

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1.The multifarious threats to the security of Pakistan whether external or internal, have intensified in the 21st century. Unfortunately, no threat posed to the security of this country since the time of her inception has ever been fully controlled or eradicated. According to Quaid-e-Azam, “Pakistan was a cyclic revolution without parallel or precedence in history”. He wanted to make it a State that was united and powerful, a State where Muslims of the Subcontinent would live and breathe freely and practice the principles of Islamic social justice. The creation of Pakistan, he repeatedly emphasized, had limitless possibilities for its people. However, during the last more than five decades, the Pakistani leaders failed to fathom the realities of the situation confronting them, and gave themselves into apathies and fantasies. They imposed their own selfish perceptions, interpretations and decisions upon the nation and plunged it into one crisis after another.[1]

2.The Muslim community of subcontinent struggled for a sovereign state to achieve social justice on the basis of Islamic values, economical prosperity and religious tolerance. But today, the lack of social justice in Pakistan subject majority of the people of this country to hunger and starvation, deprive them of equitable access to education and economical well being and prosperity remains a distant dream.

3.Presently, Pakistan is passing through a critical phase of its history. The internal fabric of the society is badly damaged and the nation seems to be divided on almost every issue. On one hand the economical disparities are inculcating a deep sense of deprivation amongst a major segment of the society and on the other the judiciary is yet not ready to demonstrate the character, which is expected from them, thus leaving an insecure feeling amongst the masses. On the political front also things are not very encouraging. The dawn of democracy has been accompanied by same customary ills, which this nation has witnessed previously. The religious intolerance, ethnic divide and growing extremism have further compounded the problems. If already there were not enough security concerns existent for this country, the fate has now laid latest challenges and fears in the form of varying geopolitical compulsions since the incident of 9/11. Besides aggressive Indian propaganda supported by the Western media remain on the lookout to malign Pakistan on one pretext or the other. At such a crucial, decisive and a critical juncture of our history, the requirement of unity, cohesion and harmony among all segments of society is much more than ever anticipated. There is a dire need to critically analyze the problem areas and forthrightly implement suitable measures before the situation blows out of proportion.

4.Aim.The aim of this paper is to carryout an in-depth study of the emerging dynamics of internal threats to national security of Pakistan and make suitable recommendations to address the situation.

5.Scope.The paper will be covered under the following three parts:-

a.Part - I.The internal security dynamics of Pakistan.

b.Part-II.The affects of external factors including 9/11.

c.Part – III.Conclusions and Recommendations.



6.General.The Muslims were a ruling elite in India prior to the British occupation of the Subcontinent. British Government not only brought an end to Muslim political domination, but also threatened the preservation of their faith, already under pressure from Hinduism. Largely demoralized and apathetic to British customs and educational opportunities, they withdrew into themselves leaving the field to the Hindus who seized every opportunity to enter the ruling elite. Ultimately, they found themselves surpassed in all fields of life by the...
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