Internal Recruitment - Advantages and Disadvantages Explained

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  • Published : November 21, 2010
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The term internal recruitment is defined as the practice of choosing amongst current companyworkers to fill a position that falls vacant over time. The vacancy could sometimes be advertised throughout a company; this could be on the company's monthly or quarterly job-sheet. Most institutions of higher learning use this practice. The practice is evoked occasionally when a company's employee has been rendered redundant in their current post, and oftentimes it's a way used to promote a certain company employee sideways other than up the firm. Internal recruitment is often resorted to as a way of saving money that could be spent through advertisements and also to cut on training costs that an outside employee would need to become familiar with the system.

Internal vacant positions are advertised in various ways, it could be done through an internal job sheet, the company's notice board or through the company's intranet - this is the type of website whose viewing is limited to the organizations members. Others companies have company magazines that they use for advertisement purposes while others may use staff meetings - this could be used when an organization wants to advertise the vacant position to a specific group of employees.

Advantages of internal recruitment are more than just cutting on advertisement costs because it offers wonderful opportunities for the current staff to further their careers. Internal recruitment could also be a great way of keeping workers who may have been considering a flight from the company, this is advantageous because the cost of training are at most best insignificant and to the worst much less than it would cost if the organization advertised outside. It's definitely faster and less costly than outside recruitment and it has the added merits because current employees are a familiar entity. Some organizations conduct external recruitment only to discover later that they have a member of staff who doesn't fit into the general...
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