Internal Monologue

Topics: Family, Christina Aguilera, Mother Pages: 1 (426 words) Published: April 10, 2013
In coming-of-age drama Real Women Have Curves directed by Patricia Cardoso conveys the message that all women do not have to be skinny or thin to be beautiful. Ana, Protagonist of the drama deals with the insecurities, struggles, and challenges of being overweight, Because of her mother Carmen always addressing about her weight.

In the drama, Carmen is an overbearing mom who just doesn’t understand her daughter Ana. Carmen always wants to be followed by her. She also never tried to understand her daughter and never give her the opportunity to be happy with them. Ana thinks that her family doesn’t love her especially Carmen. Carmen always insults her daughter, Instead of just support and gives her the opportunity to be happy. In addition, Carmen hates her body image especially her weight. In the drama Real Women Have Curves Carmen insults Ana and all of the women in the factory. Ana cannot go a day without her mom addressing her as “fatty”. Ana betrays the unhappiness about her weight that comes from having been called “gordita” by her mother. Ana feels that her mom doesn’t really care about her and Ana also thinks that she is not beautiful, because of her weight. Carmen does not really understand that all women do not have to be skinny to be beautiful; she only believes that all beautiful women are just skinny. After all the hurtful things that Ana had received from her mother. She revealed and she was tired of how her mom treated her like she is not a part of the family and how she feels every time Carmen judges about her weight. One day Ana was stressed and she gave her virginity to Jimmy. Ana gave her virginity is just because of her mother. Ana feels that her body is just nothing and she thinks that she is ugly by having overweight. From there she decided to move away from her family to go to college. Ana actually gained a lot of confidence and she also learned how to be independent. In conclusion, Ana learned everything that she has to know about women....
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