Internal Marketing

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Internal marketing is a process that occurs within a company or organization, in which the functional process aligns, motivates and empowers employees at all management levels to deliver a satisfying customer experience. In the other words, it is the promotion of employees, managers, and other personnel from within a company.

Over the last several years, internal marketing has increasingly been integrated with employer branding. It treats staff like customers who need to be informed about the products and services the company offers, along with its mission and policies. This can increase the quality of customer service, by ensuring that all personnel have a consistent vision of their role within the company and the kind of service they should be providing. Efficiency can also improve with a well-directed internal marketing campaign.

Sources for the campaign can include outside consultants as well as human resources personnel tasked with employee development. One advantage to using an outside source can be the perspective of an additional pair of eyes on a company’s activities. An internal marketing campaign may start with data collection, just like an external campaign. The marketers want to find out how employees perceive the company and their roles, and can specifically test to see if people remember slogans, mission statements, and other key communications.

Results of research can be used to build an effective internal marketing program. This may include the use of newsletters and fliers to distribute information, as well as improved employee manuals and references for people to use in training. Branding within a company might extend to products and services employees use; someone logging into the company intranet, for example, might see the company’s mission statement on the main page. Likewise, the company logo could be displayed prominently.

Internal Marketing Related to College

Internal marketing is a process that focuses on lecturers and students in order to increase effectiveness and efficiency of schools and also the level of satisfaction of students. It is also as an approach to increase organizational effectiveness and efficiency, and states that the process of internal marketing in service organizations will be effective and efficient if: first, identifying teacher’s needs and forming and offering internal products is based on a continuous and accurate needs identification. Second, People have their interests harmonized with the needs of the organization. Third, Teachers’ needs correspond, to some extent, with techniques of marketing communication and the last one is effects of teacher satisfaction which are reflected in the financial standard of efficiency. Besides that, there are three phases of the development of internal marketing which is employee motivation and satisfaction, customer orientation, and broadening the internal marketing concept strategy implementation and change management. Internal marketing is a planned effort using a marketing like approach to overcome organizational resistance to change and to align, motivate and inter-functionally coordinate and integrate teachers towards the effective implementation of corporate and functional strategic in order to deliver customer satisfaction through a process of creating motivated and customer orientated teachers. A school performs services having all the characteristics of services. Schools also operate in an increasingly competitive environment. In the current rhetoric of educational and school quality, measurement, effectiveness and ‘audit culture’, it is challenging to approach schools and school effectiveness through the perspective of internal marketing as a prerequisite for effective schools. From this point of view, efficiency and effectiveness of schools can be related to efficiency and effectiveness of internal marketing in schools. There are five needs...
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