Internal Influence on Behavior-Perception

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Internal Influence on Behavior-Perception

By | July 2012
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Perception is a cognitive process people use to make sense out of the environment by selecting, organizing and interpreting information. Many phenomenon (what is going on around us) are interpreted in terms of how we perceive it, rather than what it really is. One of the important point of perception is the Recency Effect; “Managers can use an understanding of perceptual selectivity to obtain clues about why one person sees things differently from others and they can apply the principles to their own communications and actions, especially when they want to attract or focus attention.” I agree with this, because as a manager you don’t have all the time to mingle with your subordinate to be able to know them in a personal way, instead only by observation and the output they give you. You will have a perception who he is and somewhat know what the person’s ability is. The manager will be able to gauge if the person is an asset or a liability of the company. In that way he will be careful or be able to assess if the person should stay in his current position or need to be transferred or can be promoted. I know this will be bias but as time goes by, things will change especially when the manager will know more about his employees. And as reported, there are ways to improve one’s perception, I also agree with this, because as an ordinary employee this is also applicable. To sight an example, last month, we have a new companion in the office. She wants to learn how to do all the services that we render to the public thinking that she is diligent, when we taught her everything we discovered that she doesn’t want a responsibility. In conclusion, perceptual distortion or errors can be corrected by applying the different ways in improving perception that is why, ”the first perception will not last.”

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