Internal Conflict

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, United States, Racism Pages: 4 (1272 words) Published: November 8, 2011
Internal Conflict
Vicki Hinton Vandeventer
Global Security SEC/450
October 24th 2011
Danielle Kelley

Internal Conflict
Internal conflict is something dealt with daily. It can be personal, spiritual, between different cultural groups, states, or nations. Internal conflict can be differences, fights, battles, or wars. In every day news there are stories about countries with competitive or opposing factions within the group. The world is complicated because the changing nature of the conflicts presented today. This makes the environment very hard to live in. Diversity (religious, cultural, racial, and gender)

Every part of the world is dealing with some type of diversity, differences in religion, culture, race, gender, politics, and economic issues. Professor Dr. Volkhard Krech did a studied the differences in the diversity of religion in Germany, Finland, and Slovenia for three years to discover how religious diversity impacts the region and what the consequences are. The findings on this study concluded that religion did not necessarily have an effect on the whole, but the diversity seemed to increase when it came to personal encounters. That was just one example where religious diversity affected one area. Every city, state, and nation is different. The views and beliefs of the people within these areas differ from one another. Culture also differs in different places. Every country has cultural differences. These differences can have an effect on those who live there. Cultural beliefs like marriage differ as well. In some countries, marriages are pre-arranged. This means that a partner is picked for someone. India follows’ this belief, were most Americans believe in the right to choose who they will and will not marry. Race for years have seem to be at war with one another. From personal experience it seems to be a big topic. From the big cities to the small farming communities, race is something to be proud of. When people take it too far which...
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