Internal Combustion Engine

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  • Published : January 23, 2009
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Controlled CO2 | Diversified fuels | Fuel-efficient vehicles | Clean refining | Extended reserves IFP positions in the field of Powertrain Engineering
IC Engine Research Engineer
Responsibilities Supported by its dual expertise in engines
and fuels, IFP is able to provide industry with An IC engine research engineer works within multidisciplinary teams on the concrete solutions to meet the technological engines and fuels of tomorrow, in liaison with car manufacturers, parts suppliers challenges of the automotive transport sector, and oil industry players. developing advanced research in the field of Responsible for R&D studies, he/she: hybrid vehicles and biofuels. Its approach ■ analyzes and understands how internal combustion systems work, is based on both world-class skills and ■ develops and uses calculation codes for engine and vehicle modeling and high-performance technical resources simulation, (supercalculator, test bench, etc.). ■ designs and develops innovative combustion systems, ■ communicates with respect to his/her work both internally and externally Combustion control is a key research theme (clients and the scientific community). at IFP, with a focus on the combustion As part of his/her job, an IC engine research engineer may be required to of thermal, gasoline and diesel engines, participate in on-site technical projects for clients, especially major European in particular. car manufacturers. Required expertise engineering graduate or equivalent (Écoles centrales, IFP School, INSA, ■

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