Internal Audit Example

Topics: Management, Quality management system, Quality assurance Pages: 43 (4990 words) Published: December 20, 2012
|4 Quality Management System |Observation/Comments |Results | |4.1 General Requirements | | | |Has your organization established a management system (QMS) |The QMS system applies to all major processes throughout the company | | |giving consideration to: |including marketing, finance, and operations. | | |Identifying the processes needed and the |Each of the processes are interconnected through the SAP system. | | |application of the processes throughout the organization: |The criteria for control is based upon our mission statement and | | |Determining the sequence and interaction of the processes? |commitment to quality and the needs of our customers and other | | |Determining the criteria and methods for operation and control |stakeholders. | | |of the processes? |Open communication and information sharing will be supported through | | |Ensuring the availability of resources and information to |the SAP system. | | |support the processes? |An intensive testing plan is in place that monitors the product in | | |Monitoring, measuring and analyzing these processes? |all stages of production. | | |Implementing actions to achieve planned results and the |We have the support of all upper management to direct employees in | | |continual improvement? |fulfilling our quality standards. In addition employees and customers| | |If your organization out sources any processes that affects |are encouraged to voice their opinions about ways to improve. | | |product conformity, are the outsourced process controlled and | | | |identified? | | | |Additional questions | | | | | | | | | | | |4.2 Documentation Requirements | | | |4.2.2 Quality Manual | | | |Does your organization have a quality manual? Does it include |Classy, Inc. has a quality manual and includes all of the following | | |the following: |sections: | | |The scope of your QMS and justifications and details of any |Scope of QMS | | |exclusions |Justification and details of exclusions | | |The documented...
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