Internal Analysis of University of South Australia

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Executive Summary

The purpose of this report is to provide an internal analysis of the University of Australia, which is an organisation that operates in the Australian Transnational Education and Training Industry.

In order to provide the analysis I have done the marketing mix using the 7Ps approach to describe the organisation. Then identified the strategy at business level using the 5 Question approach and explained how fuzzy the strategies were and how flexible the organisation is. Next I have done a SWOT analysis and identified the strategic capabilities of the organisation to explain what UniSA Is capable of and what strategies that needs to be focused on. Lastly to complete the analysis I have applied the balance scorecard method.

From the analysis I have concluded to say that UniSA is doing well in the industry with high capabilities and the ability to grow more in the transnational level. The universities strategic alliances with many international organisations and the only university in Australia to have made an agreement with GradInternational for international job placements have attract many international students. Over all UniSA is strategically very well placed and is doing exceptionally well in the industry.

Table of Contents


Identifying and analyzing the existing strategy at Business Level5

SWOT Analysis6

Limitation of the SWOT analysis8

Analyzing UniSA’s current strategic capabilities using the 3 test Approach

Applying the Marketing Mix12

The 7P’s of Services based Marketing Mix14

Key Stakeholders15

Measuring Organisation Performance16


Reference List18


Transnational education is the provision of education to international students by Australian providers offshore. A university may have campuses in other countries or have agreements with universities from other countries to deliver their courses so that students overseas could finish their course in full or part of it without having to come to Australia at all. The university of South Australia (UniSA) is one of the leading transnational organisations in Australia (UniSA, 2011). The purpose of this report is to analyse the internal environment using marketing theories such as the marketing mix, identifying the existing strategies and doing a SWOT analysis to identify the strategic capabilities of UniSA.

UniSA is the largest university in South Australia, with 36,156 students, 2396 staff and five campuses and an annual revenue exceeding $457 million (UniSA,2011). UniSA has partnerships and agreements with institutions and government bodies in over 30 countries while offering students in four countries, Hong Kong, Malaysia, China and Singapore the opportunity to complete a UniSA degree in their home country (UniSA International, 2011). UniSA international leads the University of South Australia’s International engagement through the direction and management of international relations, student recruitment and related services to foster a diverse university community (UniSA International, 2011).

There are three regional teams that undertake marketing, recruitment, enquiries management, admissions and applicant assessment, and processing of applications for international students.

The three Regions are:
Region 1: South East Asia (Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Vietnam, Lao and Cambodia), South Asia, the Pacific Nations, Africa and the Middle...
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