Internal Analysis for Alcatel-Lucent

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  • Published : February 12, 2013
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Internal Analysis of Alcatel Lucent

1. Identify firm’s resources and capabilities
Key resources
Alcatel-Lucent pays a lot of attention to tolerating and respecting their employees and also encourages this attitude between their employees. Variety in cultures is focused for improving teamwork and outputs. Furthermore, the firm wants to achieve a global perspective by adapting this. Their focus on diversity improves employees’ motivation and skills. Personal and career development, working environment, compensation and benefits Alcatel-Lucent also emphasizes employee skills and training by giving employees regular assignments, offering a personalized professional development plan, and supporting a variety of career tracks. The firm has its own Alcatel-Lucent University and e-learning portal. The positive working environment is demonstrated by a work/life balance including, for instance, flexible working arrangements, by multicultural richness and by high-tech communications. Alcatel-Lucent has a competitive compensation package in place with a bonus plan and long-term salary policy including stock options and share purchase plans. These incentives enhance employee motivation highly. Mobility

Alcatel-Lucent offers mobility across borders on a geographical, organizational or functional basis. This improves employee motivation and skills by opening opportunities for self-actualization, for instance. Furthermore, it drives diversity and teamwork, and also expresses the firm’s international culture. Technologies (patents)

Innovation has always been one of the main drivers of Alcatel Lucent. Indeed, as the financial health was going risky, the company kept on investing in Research and development. In 2011, 15,2% of the turnover were dedicated to R&D and more than 2600 patents were obtained. From 2007 around 2 billion Euros were invested in R&D each year (challenges magazine January 2013). Moreover, 7physics Nobel prices have been attributed...
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