Intern Report: Prime Bank

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Prime Bank Ltd is a fast growing private bank. In Prime Bank has focused for providing high quality customer service at a very competitive price. PBL efforts are directed at diversification of product and service. Offering customers a wide variety of choices and options have remained cornerstone of their business strategy. In this backdrop PBL has launched credit card business in collaboration with a global player like Master Card. Master Card is one of the top 20 brands in the world. An alliance with these as its Principal Member is definitely a big advantage from marketing point of view. Policy planners of the bank through that large majority mainly in the cities & towns would prefer payment through usage of plastics in the form of credit card. A market with upscale customers existed for card. Accordingly in December 1999, Master Card credit card was launched bringing new dimension to their product line. Since credit card operation required real time on line connectively the bank made substantial investment in the technology and other infrastructure in related areas. High quality international software and top of the line hardware was deployed. Key person to manage the strategic operations was trained home and abroad. With initial teething problems over, the bank successfully issued local and international card within a record time. Since journey was for steady and sustainable growth.

The report basically deals with “ Prime Bank Credit Card – A competitive analysis with other cards in the market and contribution toward the company growth”.

Objectives of the study:

1. To make a general evaluation of the existing status of the P.B.L. credit card service. 2. To make a comparative study on P.B.L. and other Banks and financial institutions of Bangladesh with reference to PBL Credit Card. 3. To assess the impact of Credit Card on Organizational Growth especially on P.B.L. 4. To get an overview of the Bank.

5. To verify the scope for the improvement of credit card service. 6. To find out how credit card system works.
7. To analyze current credit card market in Bangladesh. 8. To suggest suitable measures to remove the existing problems & improve the present condition of Prime Bank’s Credit Card.

Methodology Of The study:

The study required information regarding the past & present condition of Prime Bank Ltd. Necessary data and information were gathered by surveying people, in-depth interview, annual report, making observations and through working in different sections of the Card Division of P.B.L a) Sources of Data: The following sources had been used for the purpose the purpose of collecting data as required for this report: Primary sources: I) Observation, ii) Personal interview through questionnaire iii) Oral & informal interview with officers and employees of the Card Division of PBL. Secondary Sources: I) Annual and other periodical reports of P.B.L. ii) Various manuals (conditions of use guides) and brochures, iii) Service rules & iv) Miscellaneous publications.

b) Methods of data collection:

i) Questionnaire survey:
Two sets of questionnaire were used to collect information for the study, from customers and Banks. Open ended, close ended and multiple questions were set in the questionnaire for the credit card holders. ii) Observation:

During internship, I was assigned to work in Customers’ service. After having developed the questionnaire, interview of customers and different banks were taken. The personal in-depth interviews were held with the executives of P.B.L; N.B.L; S.C.G and VANIK. Through observation different issues of Card Division were noted. Sampling size was minimum 20 and maximum 100 and sampling procedure was convenient. For the attitude rating of the cardholder I use Likert Scale. Likert scale means a measure of attitudes ranging from very negative to very positive. It is designed...
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